2014 Rockies Player Season Review – Brett Anderson


Can a player have Xrays on their trading card instead of “in-motion” action? Especially when he doesn’t have much “in motion” or action?

This will not be as long an article as others since Brett wont be here in 2015, and sadly for both sides, he wasn’t here much in 2014. If he had been healthy in 2014 this team still would have stunk, but it would have been more in the 74 win variety. And he would have gotten his option picked up for $12 million. As it is, I have my doubts the Dodgers will get much for their $10 million deal. A back injury is hard to come back from (see Christian Freidrich), and for a guy whose body doesn’t treat him well, it isn’t what I would want to face.


What we did see in Anderson last year was the following:


8 starts 1-3 2.91 ERA 1.315 WHIP 29:13 K/BB .316 BABIP 147 ERA+



Look at those numbers and it makes you wonder what if. If they had gotten 30 starts from Anderson, with that level of performance, they would have had a new number 1 in the rotation. They would have a pretty good rotation in 2015. Anderson’s numbers are especially good when you realize he has learned what other Rockies pitchers (other than DLR) still are learning – how to keep base runners from scoring. A 1.315 WHIP isn’t very good, and it reflects a bit of bad luck with the .316 BABIP. But the runners don’t score against Anderson. He is a very good pitcher.


But Anderson only got 8 starts. His first two starts were promising, going 6 innings both games , allowing 3 ER in both, despite throwing only 82 and 90 pitches. But then game 3 we have the incredibly funky bunt injury, and he was on the shelf til July 13 (BTW, what is the record for hand injuries on one team in a season? Rox have to have come close).


When he came back in July, unlike Lyles, he was still sharp. His first start was a clunker (5 inn, 5 ER), but then he followed that up with 7IP – 1 ER, 6.1 IP – 0 ER, 7IP – 2 ER. That took us to July 30. There had to be a lot of calls coming to the Rockies at that point. Anderson could have fetched back some nice prospects had they traded him. But why trade the guy who could be your ace in 2015? It made sense to hold onto Anderson at that point.


And then it happened. August 5, home vs the Cubs – 3 IP, 1Hit, 0 ER, 2K…and a weird feeling in his back. Anderson was taken out and never wore the Rockies purple again. The team couldn’t take the risk of picking up his option for 2015, not at $12 million. They hoped he would come back at a discount to see how the rehab goes. But now, the Dodgers snapped him up.


What could have been.


2014 Grade


Incomplete/A. If you accept 6 starts without injury, Anderson was an A pitcher. Aside from the bad outing after the injury, he was everything you want in a #1. But the fact is you cannot give a guy a grade when he plays in 8/162 and only completed 6 of 32 starts. Incomplete is the proper grade, and that is the way his stay will be remembered here, incomplete.


2015 Projection


I don’t expect Anderson to be ready before June. His body seems to betray him though. But for Brett’s sake (sounds like a good guy), I will project 10 starts, 5-3, 3.50 ERA.


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