2014 Rox Review – Hawkins



I have been giving fairly long reviews of each player (as long as they played for most of the season), but when it comes to Latroy, it just doesn’t seem necessary. Latroy Hawkins was in 2014 what every manager wants from his back-end relievers – boring.


57 Games 54.1 innings 4-3 3.31 ERA 1.196 WHIP 2.46 K/BB 5.3 K/9


Look, pitching in Coors that is a really good season from the guy you paid to close out 48 games for you.


Every reliever has bad stretches (except Eric Ganges back in the day, but he had, shall we say “help.”)


Hawkins allowed a run vs. the Marlins in their opening win in Miami. He gave up 2 wins in LA in a game the Rox still won. He gave up a run May 3 to the Mets in the infamous Culberson walk-off. Then he had his first bad stretch which meant certain fans (me) were calling for his being replaced by Adam Ottavino as closer. That stretch was:


5-16 SDP 1.0 inning 3 H 1ER
5-18 SDP 1.0 innings 2 H (1ER) 2 ER
5-20 SFG 1.0 innings 2 H 1 ER


That was in really. He had two good outings, then came that game in Philadelphia when Weiss decided to play Tony LaRussa and do the match-up game. This was a night after he pitched a scoreless inning marred by a single walk. So, the next game he goes .2 innings, gives up a rare error misplaced by some guy who won a gold glove at 2nd, a flare of a hit and was lifted. Of course Boone Logan came in and gave up hard single to Chase Utley and then allowed Phili fans one last great memory of Ryan Howard by grooving a fastball that was hit out. Arggh. I wrote that night that I was wrong – keep Hawkins as the closer. I was wrong. And please tell me that Boone was simply hurting (he will be my final season review).


After that Hawkins didn’t allow an ER in June (not something that can be said of any other Rockies reliever in 2014). July was less kind, allowing 1 ER July 3rd, 1 July 21st (vs. the Nats at Coors) in a blowout loss and then 4 hits and 2 ER in a win the next night also vs. the Nats. He had two 1 ER outings in August before finishing a bit poorly in September – 3 2ER outings, 2 where he blew the victory, but one the Rox won, and one in a blow-out win for the Rox. Before the poor 2 weeks in early September his ERA was 2.68 and his WHIP was closer to 1.15.


Like I said – boring. Is it any wonder he is coming back in 2015. He also swallowed up 23 saves (arguably the least important but highest paid stats in the biz, helping to keep guys like Adam Ottavino a little cheaper).


So for 2014, I say thank you very much LaTroy Hawkins!


2014 Grade – B+ : Latroy gave you all you wanted, but his walk ratio was higher than desired and he gave up more tense situations than you want. But still, you can argue that an A- is a better stat. Had he not have finished so poorly, an A- would have been a no-brainer.


2015 Projection:


In what has already been announced as his finale (betting he is not getting all of the swag that Mariano Rivera got a few years back), and one of the true baseball gentlmen will hit the road. He has been remarkably consistent when healthy through his 30s and early 40s, so assuming health (yes, this is the Rockies, silly idea):


55 games 58.2 innings 3-1 3.10 ERA 1.185 WHIP


I don’t think he will be the closer all season unless the Rox really stink and they don’t want to promote Ottavino or Brothers to the role for fear of prices.



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