2014 Rockies Player Season Review – Michael Cuddyer

San Francisco Giants v Colorado Rockies


Even though Cuddy is no longer with this team, his 2014 effort does need to be graded and considered in terms of his contribution to the team’s ultimate outcomes. And, he also needs to be compared to the expectations and salary paid to him. And so one last season review of Michael Cuddyer.


Before his stats can be talked about Cuddy definitely deserves kudos for bringing Justin Morneau to Colorado. Given other options around the league you have to wonder if Morneau goes to Colorado without Cuddy’s recruiting.


But back to the field. Cuddy was signed for 3 years, $10.5 million per year. And for those $31.5 million the team got 101, 130, and 49 games. So in 2014, what did the 49 games produce?


Well, several trips to the DL. There was the hamstring, the shoulder, the hamstring. It is sad that in his final year, in a year following the batting title, in a year where Cuddy tried to help the team by playing 3B, that it ended so badly.


There were highlights. There was the cycle in August. There were some big homers. And, there was the fact that he was one of the better hitter on the road for the team.


H   88 PA   80 AB 12 2B 1 3B 6 HR .400 BA .455 OBP 1.255 OPS 12K/8BB

R 117 PA 110 AB   3 2B 0 3B 4 HR .282 BA .316 OBP .734 OPS   18K/6BB


While his road numbers are not exciting, they are far better than we have seen in just about any other player in 2014.


That being said he was fairly consistent when playing. He hit around .300 in every month (okay, .500 in 2 games in August), with fairly consistant slugging as well.


As for defense? Well the negative factor that Fangraphs placed on his defensive value was only about 1/4 as last year, that was because of course he played in about 60% less games. His defense simply wasn’t given much of a chance to show up, and as such, he wasn’t that big a defensive liability (hey, look, I am scrounging for something to say).


The simple fact is that 2014 and Cuddy’s contract didn’t end the way either Colorado or Cuddy desired. They both honestly thought there would be at least one playoff run. They both thought the fans would look back at the contract and say the Rox got great value for the salary. But it didn’t happen. Good luck in New York Cuddy, and thanks Mets, we can always use the draft picks.


2014 Grade:

Home – Incomplete – but if I were to give a great a solid A-, with only the defensive issues driving down his grade. Had he played 140 games we might well have seen a second batting title (although it would have kept Corey Dickerson from shining). The cycle was a big highlight for the season at home.

Road – Incomplete – if a grade could be given a solid C+, as his numbers were among the best on the team.


Overall Grade – Incomplete or a B. Perhaps that grade is too high, based entirely on offensive production and decent numbers of the road. The biggest reason to lower his grade is that the one thing the team needed most in 2014 is healthy players, and sadly, Cuddyer wasn’t able to do that.


2015 Projection – The first move of Jeff Bridich was to offer Cuddy the qualifying offer. In the press conferences he has stated that he wanted Cuddy back in 2015, but it is hard to see why, unless the plan was to use Cuddy as a one year stop-gap, getting them over to 2016 when some of their prospects were ready, and allowing them to trade Stubbs and maybe CarGo. Or maybe Bridich knew how badly the Mets wanted Cuddy (I know David Wright really wanted him in New York, but I can’t imagine that he talked the Mets into a contract that cost them their 1st round pick) and he played a good gambler’s game, saving face with the fans (we tried but he wanted to go to the Mets to be with his friend), getting the draft pick, and freeing up a roster spot for Kyle Parker. Either way, I hope that Cuddy plays well but if the decline of David Wright’s numbers after the move to Citi Field is any indication, the Mets are going to rue this contract.

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