2014 Rockies Player Season Review – Tyler Chatwood



Just as with Brett Anderson, Chatwood is going to receive an incomplete grade for 2014. Unlike with Anderson, Chatwood is still a Rockie, but will not pitch in 2015 unless his recovery is in the 12 month territory instead of the 16 month most teams take their players through (DLR the latest Rockies example). Sadly this is Tyler’s second Tommy John, and even sadder, it came after he finally had put it all together in 2013.


Tyler is a very good athlete. Sadly he forgets he is pitcher first. And that led him to pull his hamstring before opening day, opening a spot for Jordan Lyles, but delaying his start with the Rockies until …


He then gave them just 4 starts, going 1-0 with a 4.50 ERA. Here are the four starts:


April 13 @ SFG 6 inn 6 hits 4ER 5K/0BB 74 pitches
April 18 Phil 7 inn 2 hits 0 ER 6K/1BB 88 pitches
April 23 SFG 6 inn 7 hits 5 ER 5K/4BB 99 pitches
April 29 @ Ariz 5 inn 6 hits 3 ER 4K/3BB 92 pitches


And that was it. We all remember the Giants game at home, when the team was staked to a nice lead but then Chatwood, coming up one of his best outings of his career, didn’t seem right. He got the Giants 1-2-3 in the 1st, then gave up 3 homers over the next 2 innings, then pitched well the rest of the game. But that was the game the team lost in the 11th thanks to Chad Bettis’ gopher ball for a grand slam (the Rox got 2 back in their half of the 11th, but it was not to be).


Chatwood lost his control in that game. That is sometimes a sign that the ulnar ligament is damaged, and maybe it shouldn’t be a surprise that he had just one more game left in the elbow, another game with lots of walks.


I haven’t heard anything on Tyler’s comeback, but the good news for him is he just turned 25. Assuming he misses all of 2015 he will be back competing for a roster spots/rotation spot at just age 26, with free agency looming in 2018.


2014 Grade: Incomplete


2015 Projection – lots of time in the gym, lots of long-toss, and I am sure a big desire to make an appearance in September to help the Rockies in their playoff chase.




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