3rd And Final Mismatch of Nats Series

David Dahl finally earned his promotion and he is now in Modesto, just a rung away from getting to Tulsa.  Ben Paulsen continues to swing the bat well.  When he makes the outs, these are loud outs.  Just two games but he’s playing like Morneau has been forgotten.  There was extensive damage from the toppled fine china cabinet that ROOT TV had decided not to televise the game today in the matchup of Jorge De La Rosa (10-6, 4.39) and Stephen Strasburg (7-7, 3.55).

RWO photo

Nationals @ Rockies

Wednesday 7/23, 1:10 PM MDT at Coors Field

Radio: WSH: 106.7 The Fan, WFED 1500, WJFK 1580 AM COL: KOA 850, KNRV 1150



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Bob in Indy
Bob in Indy
6 years ago

It’s a win, but they sure know how to make a good looking game ugly!

6 years ago

Quick takes: 110 pitches for DLR? We just read about the Geivett-Weiss tension centering around strict pitch counts. Either they worked it out or Weiss said eff it, I’m doing it my way. Either way it beats 2 innings of Bruce Brown or whatever the hell his name is. Paulsen: before the season he projected as a sub-replacement level first baseman. I’d given up on him. Now? Well, my stat-head brain says no way, but I always liked his swing… Read more »

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