A Mea Culpa – Dan O’Dowd was a BAD GM for the Rockies

Since I first found RoxWalkOff and its predecessor site, I defended Dan O’Dowd. I said he was a good GM and that his moves should have worked. I focused on his farm system work as well as some shrewd trades, getting guys like CarGo and Jorge De La Rosa, admittedly two of the best players in Rockies history. I looked back to 2007 and the shrewd deal of Jason Jennings. I looked at the brilliant trade of Jason Hammel. I remembered the nearly all Rox developed players in the 2009 season. That is the sign of a good GM.


You know what. I WAS WRONG!!!!!


As I am working on this article series of BIGGEST MISTAKE SINCE 2007, I realized. While he was busy fixing the Hampton and Negle mistakes (I did discover those signings were largely a big splash driven by ownership), he did an Astros/As program. We got Todd and the toddlers period but in that period we saw players like Matt Holliday, Brad Hawpe, Clint Barmes, Chris Ianetta, Cory Sullivan, Ryan Spillborghs, Jason Jennings, Aaron Cook, Jeff Francis, Manny Corpas, Brian Fuentes, Ubaldo Jiminez, and Franklin Morales (all played before 2007 for the Rox). The big piece to transition that team was clearly Tulo (just as I think the transition point for the Astros was the drafting and now coming to the bigs of the next great SS in baseball – Carlos Correa, though the kid we just drafted profiles better and could be here as fast).


When the development process was ready he added the final pieces via trades and the like – a fast CF in Willy Taveras. Extra arms in Jason Hirsch and Taylor Bucholz. A good fielding his OBP 2nd bagger in Matsui. Extra starting pitching in Rodrigo Lopez and giant killer Josh Fogg. And the wise development of a pitcher Morales and Jiminez. 2009 was similar.


But then he went from developing and trading (being willing to move pieces like Jennings and Holliday said a lot about that version of Dan O’Dowd). But the GM from off-season 2009 to 2014…SUCKED!!!! The drafting and development program fell off the table. He got fearful of making trades. And, well, every trade and draft pick BLEW UP!!!!


I listed in my BIGGEST MISTAKES OF THE ROCKIES AFTER 2007 the offering of a deal to Jim Tracey after 2012. I should have said, the failure to fire Dan O’Dowd after 2011…or 2012…or 2013!


So I have to confess, my mea culpa…I admit it. Dan O’Dowd, at least post-2009, was a horrible GM. To those I argued with in these posts…I apologize. You were right and I was wrong! Sometimes you think you are the smart one and everyone else is wrong. You think you are more clever and every one else blind. Nope…not true. I wsa an idiot.


So I say it for all to say, on the question of Dan O’Dowd was an awful GM,


In English

You were right and I was wrong!


In French:

Vous aviez raison et je me trompais !


In Spanish

Tenías razón y yo estaba equivocado !


In German

Sie hatten Recht , und ich habe mich geirrt !


In Chinese

你是对的,我错了! Nǐ shì duì de, wǒ cuòle!




Oh…you got it. I blew it. So don’t listen to anything I ever say!










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6 years ago

I will never know the answer, but I think Dan O’Dowd was screwed around by Bill Geivett. I lay the blame on Geivett.

6 years ago

Last time I respond Doctor C. as I will never listen to you again!

Bob in Indy
Bob in Indy
6 years ago

Always scary when a doctor says “Oops”.

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