Another Trade Idea: Can the Rockies Wait to Fill Nolan’s Spot? Maybe a Moose?

So after the great discussion earlier this week thinking about trading for Jose Altuve from the Astros (the only baseball player in the majors that I can look down upon), it got me thinking. The Altuve trade might make more sense now giving the need to move DJ over to 3rd most days, and adding Altuve would at least add offense to the team.


But I want to propose another: Mike Moustakas.  A lot of times players need a change of scenery, and Moose is certainly one of those guys. He was the #2 overall pick (like now retired Greg Reynolds) the year Price was the #1 overall. The talk was “his swing is going to win batting championships.” He was called quite literally from Day 1 – “The Next George Brett.” Folks, there isn’t going to be another Brett, he was one of a kind (and I hated the Royals back then and Brett, but a heck of a player).

In 2011 his rookie year he went .263/OPS .675. The next year was the high point, .242/OPS .709 (20HR). In 2013 it was .233/OPS .651 (12 HR) and then this year, a complete disaster (aside from the game against us), .152/OPS .543 and 4 homers. He is now down in the minors and the talk is he is done in KC. He plays good defense as I understand it. For his career he has been decent against RHP – .243/OPS .693 and 35 homers. We won’t talk about against lefties.

Look, we know that Nolan will be back at some point, but this team is good enough to be a contender and a long absence with Charlie Culberson, Jordan Pacheco and DJ playing the third…I just cannot see it.

What would it take to get Moose? A deal for a real prospect is key- someone like Cristhain Aadams would be part of it. Add in another player in need of a new home – Wilton Lopez, and you might be able to get Moose. What about when Nolan comes back? Word is that Moose can play some OF and 2B and 1B (have not seen him doing such, but that is the word), and if he hits great while here (he might benefit from Coors and Blake Doyle) you use him as part of the infield mix. If he bombs well, you have not lost a whole lot.

But does anyone else think that going 3-8 weeks with guys who have a total of 1 homer among them is a good idea in the midst of a real pennant race when you are talking about a power position?


Anyways, that is my trade idea of the day. Anyone think I am nuts? Are the sleeping pills starting to rot my brain?

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7 years ago

Sure if we get him on the cheap!However Culbertson has been some what of a bright spot in this horrible plunge toward last year.

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