Arenado Missing From Sept Callups

The player most mentioned in the Rockies September call-up conversation would be Nolan Arenado.  The opinions range from letting him play to get experience to letting him wait to get experience.  The team has decided to let him wait to duck the Rule 5 draft.   Patric Saunders of the Denver Post also mentions the reason of taking a spot on the teams 40 man roster that would require him being dropped during the winter.

The team is obviously assuming he won’t break-out in September, with this logic, and must be sent back down, effectively starting his option clock early.  You see, once a player has been placed on a team’s 40-man roster, a team has 3 option years on that player.  A player is considered to have used one of those three option years when he spends at least 20 days in the minors in any of those 3 seasons.  Arenado would actually have a fourth year because he meets the requirement of not having been on a major league roster for more than 90 days.  He would also be that much closer to arbitration.

The two players that will enjoy being added to the roster Saturday will be Jason Giambi and right-hander Guillermo Moscoso.  Both players were already a part of the 40 man roster, so they wouldn’t be taking up a spot.

The team currently has 39 of the 40 spot on the roster filled.

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9 years ago
Reply to  jaredean

That is so fun! Our son, when 12 years old, was selected to throw out first pitch from all the Wyoming DARE kids at game. I found out about 2 minutes before it was happening, and did not get good pics but the Rockies did send him a beautiful framed picture with date on it. Tell him to enjoy!!!

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