Axford blows tire and loses curve

The normally reliable John Axford, without whom the Rox bullpen would be totally terrible, blew a tire tonight. Entering the 9th with a 2-run lead, 32 pitches later he left with a 1-run deficit. His breaking pitches absolutely were not working at all, and he turned to mostly fastballs. 2 BB, 3 singles, and a sac fly did all the damage – nothing flashy, but just good ABs from the Dbacks hitters.

The Dbacks did everything possible up until the 9th to hand the Rox a win. 2 errors in the first inning helped plate 2 runs. Allen Webster surrendered a HR to Nick Hundley in the 2rd. The Rox created a lot of traffic on Randall Delgado in the 5th, putting up another big inning and taking a 7-5 lead.

Highlighting the 5th was Blackmon leading off with a single, then promptly stealing second and third. Awesome to see aggressive baserunning.

The rest of the Rox bullpen – and I mean the rest, everyone except Logan was in this game – threw up zeroes, allowing only 2 hits and no walks. David Hale was less than sharp, allowing a Goldschmidt HR and 7 more hits plus 3 BB in 4.2 IP.

Nonetheless, the Rox should have sewn this one up, but instead took the 8-7 loss. This was Axford’s first blemish of the season, and he can’t blame it on the rain – things had cleared up by that time, after a 46 minute delay prior to first pitch. Hopefully it’s just a bad night and not a sign of a developing injury, but the fact he had nothing working with the breaking ball is troublesome. His fastball velocity was good.

The other worry here is similar to the Dodger series a few weeks back, the Rox pen is spent right now. With a day game turnaround tomorrow, that spells trouble unless DLR puts in a great outing. Hang on, it’s going to be a bumpy Thursday.

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6 years ago

Another one that really hurts.I don’t understand the use of Bergman.He was sent down to stretch out to be a starter after being the long man here.Since he has come back up he has been used in shorter stints than ever before.Walt’s misuse of him tonight could have been disasterous if the game had gone to extra innings.All the Rox had in the pen was Logan and then position players-who also had been mostly used.Using Bergman for 1/3 or 2/3’s… Read more »

6 years ago

Terrible Rockies ABs in the ninth. Nobody was mentally ready to battle back. Seems like if your closer doesn’t get 2 of the first 3 batters there’s trouble ahead. Another really deflating loss.

6 years ago

Rockies need to win the battle of DLR today and win another series. Big loss last night! I hope Ax can rebound from this.

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