Back End of Rotation Exposed in 13-9 Loss

With ace JDLR possibly done for the year, there are three open spots in the rotation being used in September as tryouts for 2014. Sunday was Juan Nicasio’s turn to show what he has and he failed miserably in the 13-9 loss to the Arizona D-backs. He lasted just 2 1/3 innings after giving up seven runs on seven hits. In his four September starts, his ERA is 9.56. Chad Bettis, another rotation candidate being tested in the bullpen gave up five runs in just one third of an inning during the ninth inning. Drew Pomeranz threw a clean inning in the fifth inning with one strikeout. The reports has been that he shortened his arm action with no hesitation and the results are better.

Money returned to the lineup with a bang going 3-5 with an RBI. He was caught by Chris Johnson in the batting title race while he was out briefly with a twisted wrist. Johnson went 0-4 Sunday and Money is back on top leading with a .334 average ahead of Johnson’s .329 average. Todd Helton continued to rake in the final week of his career going 3-5 with four RBIs. He has now gone past 1,400 RBIs and he is the 46th major league to have 1,400 RBIs and 1,400 runs scored. With five games left, he has a chance to reach 1,000 XBHs needing four more XBHs.

Colorado has 71 victories on the season with five games remaining against division winners – two games at Coors Field Tuesday and Wednesday nights against Boston and then three games to close out the season in Los Angeles. It will be interesting to see if Boston and Los Angeles will realign their rotations so the aces will start the opening games of the divisional series.

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Mike Raysfan
Mike Raysfan
7 years ago

It was interesting to hear the Rockies admit Nicasio ran out of gas for the season. They started him to help him build stamina.

7 years ago

Wednesday appears to be Roy Oswalt’s final audition before spring training. He’ll need to show something in what may be the final appearance of his career. This could be another one of those 20 run games. 13-7, 11-9, 16-4???? It could get ugly. The only good thing about a game like this would be the opportunity for Helton to get more chances to reach the 1K XBH mark. While a lot of the purple kool aid drinkers here believe he… Read more »

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