Blackout Class Action Suit Settled


In this article, there is a quotation, “Under the terms of the deal, baseball fans will be able to purchase single-team packages, the league-wide package will be discounted, authenticated Comcast and DirecTV subscribers will get in-market streaming options and more.” Let’s hope for people living in blackout areas, it will mean that they can purchase for $85 one team they can follow even if they live in blackout market areas.

The big test will be EdtheUmp who lives in south central New Mexico.  ROOT TV Rocky Mountain is not accessible and even so MLB.TV still blacked out the Rockies games despite the fact that the EdtheUmp’s local TV market shows only the Arizona team.

By the way, if you click on the map it will give you full sized view.

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5 years ago

meh. the idea that you still have to be a cable/sat subscriber makes it a who cares. If i’m already a subscriber I’m not exactly itching to watch a game on my ipod. I want to buy the because I don’t want to pay 100 bucks a month just to watch Rockies baseball on craptastic ROOT. I’d pay more than the $85 annual, but not much more to remove all blackouts. Unless you’re a transplant, not sure why you’d… Read more »

5 years ago

Only if you subscribe to a cable or satellite company. If you’re a cord cutter like me there’s no getting live Rockies games.

5 years ago
Reply to  ProgMatinee

better you cut the chord than pull the plug 🙂

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