Blake to Retire, Alfonzo DFA’d & McMorris Passing

Eliezer Alfonzo has been designated for assignment.  Alfonzo has been on the restricted  list due to his suspension for PED’s.

Casey Blake has decided to retire.  There was some interest in Blake, who was released from the Rockies after Spring Training, by the Texas Rangers, but Blake decided to officially retire.  Blake told the Des Moines Register:

My wife (Abbie) has been telling people I’m retired, but I’ve kind of been giving her a look..But I think I knew in my heart that I am (retiring), but I just haven’t announced it…My career has to end at some point…If I was going to play, it would probably only be one more year anyway…I just decided to shut it down. And I’m OK with the decision.

On a sad note, Jerry McMorris passed away today at the age of 71.  McMorris, an original Rockies owner, will always be loved by fans as the man who really brought the team to Colorado.  His long battle with pancreatic cancer was the reason for his passing.  Dan O’ Dowd had some kind words about McMorris in the post today:

Without Jerry McMorris, there might not be major-league baseball in Colorado. It took a lot of courage for him to step in when he did…He was a passionate man. He was passionate about everything he did, including baseball.

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Greg Stanwood
Greg Stanwood
9 years ago

Alfonzo was not designated to make room for Friedrich. Friedrich is already on the 40 Man Roster, and Alfonzo didn’t count towards the limit anyway, as he was on the restricted list.

9 years ago

So why now on Alonzo as opposed to the day after he was suspended? Is there a rule that you cannot dfa a guy while he’s suspended?

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