Blankety Blank Blanked

With the proper amount of respect and props going to Kershaw who dominated the Rockies through eight innings, the Rockies completely forgot to hit Friday night in L.A. Kershaw held the Rockies to five hits while striking out 10. There was none of the “rust” left on him as seen in his first game back from the DL on Sunday.

The loss kept the potential for the Rockies to still lose 100 this season. It was also the loss that pushed the Rockies into a tie for worst record in Rockies history with 95.

The proof that the team couldn’t care less, when it comes to putting on the illusion that they care, came in the seventh inning when Moscoso was left in to hit because there was really nothing left on the bench other than a bunch of ace bandages and used bubble gum wrappers.

Jeff Francis had a difficult time of it, only lasting four while giving up five runs on six hits. Harris had it worse as he gave up three in only one inning.

The only real bright spot was Rosario getting one of the five hits for the team, a double in the second. He is white-hot hitting 14 for his last 27.

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Mike Raysfan
Mike Raysfan
8 years ago

I thought, hoped, believed the 100 game savior, if it really even matters at this point, would be playing the Cubs. I guess all that proved was the Rockies are better than the 2nd worst team in baseball?

Just another example of how sad the season has been. Hoping for just 1 more win to avoid triple digit loses.

Yep, props to Kershaw. He had the Rockies number.

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