Brothers/Belisle Spoil CarGo’s 2 HR Day

Going into Tuesday’s game any fan worth their salt would have told you that a lead is safe with Matt Belisle the way he has been pitching this year so far. He came into the game in the bottom of the eighth with a perfect ERA. He hadn’t given up a run in over eight months. The Rockies had just gone ahead of the Bucks 4-3, thanks to a 2 run shot from Carlos Gonzalez which happened to be his second 2 run HR and accounted for all of the Rockies runs.

So with Belisle taking the mound, the last thing you felt you would see would be a Rex Brothers like inning. Brothers came into the seventh and blew a one run lead by issuing a double, single, home run and a walk – leaving the game without getting anyone out. It was almost identical to his failed previous outing.

But Belisle has been a rock. Not so on Tuesday, where he gave up a home run to Clint Barmes, committed an error and then gave up a single to hand the lead back to the Pirates.

The shame lies in the fact that Jamie Moyer pitched brilliantly, once again, but this time came away with a no-decision. Six hits scattered over six innings with only one run, three walks and three strikeouts to lower his ERA to 2.28. Again Moyer has proven he belongs in this rotation, no matter what the naysayers say.

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9 years ago

Like I told ya, Brothers stinks.

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