Cards School Rox on RISP Hitting

Juan Nicasio basically helped the Cards in the race for first place in the NL Central division. He gave up a run in the first inning and the second inning before being sent to the showers in the third inning. Nicasio was charged with eight earned runs, eight hits, and three walks in just 2 2/3 innings. Most of the hits were during RISP situations and/or with two strikes. Rob Scahill came in to clean up the mess in his 2 1/3 innings. His only bad pitch was a two-run homer allowed to “The Slide” guy. The final score was a 11-4 pasting by St. Louis.

Scahill’s style is very similar to Nicasio but without the walks and he has a lot more efficiency. It would behoove the brass to consider Scahill over Nicasio as a starter in 2014. Scahill has a ton more experience pitching at high altitude compared to Nicasio.

The Rockies threw a scare at the Cards when they had a mini rally, scoring four runs in the bottom of the seventh inning which was done by mostly bench players after the regulars were pulled after the sixth inning.

I was at Coors Field tonight only because I had a mini-series season tickets (Guys Night Out). I wanted to see Todd Helton for the last time myself in person. If you are a Helton fan, there is a commemorative limited edition 2,500 hits plaque that can be purchased for $150 at Coors Field. The frame showed only 250 of those were made. The plaque is shown in the picture above the article.

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8 years ago

I know a lot of RWOers liked the Bichette hire and his philosophy of going for the fences, but I think Coors is built for this “Redbird” approach. I’d take Carney over Bichette any day. Now William thinks he’s a dinger machine and the only time
Cargo will not over swing is when his soccer posse is in the stands.

8 years ago

I see Scahill filling Belilses 8th inning slot next year.

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