What Went Wrong in August Part 2 – Awful 40-Man Roster Choices

Earlier this year I wrote about the huge problems that the Rox have created for themselves by their current construction of the 40 man roster. In that I made a few points about how Jeff Bridich has not acquitted himself well as General Manager since his hire 2 years ago (a point I want to … Continued

Are We Living in the Greatest Era of Baseball Ever?

Is Baseball in Its Great Revival? Before I was even a baseball player and fan, I was a historian. Given a pack of Topps cards in 1977 and I immediately studied the history of each player, trying to figure out how good this guy was, why he was in the majors, how good he was … Continued

As of May 2nd, Which is the Bigger Steal of a Trade?

As of May 2 – The Bigger Steal? This off-season the much maligned Dan O’Dowd and Bill Geivett made two trades, one big that got a lot of derision and one small that was made to add depth to the team. So, which of the two has been better?   Option #1: Dexter Fowler and … Continued