Rockies in 1st place in Rona Era

I thank all of RWOers for keeping this site active.  Now that baseball is back, I’ll try to keep my weekly post writings.  I hope jeem will be back, but I have not heard from him since he has had to take personal leave of absence from RWO.  And we don’t know if we will … Continued

Baseball is Back! (Maybe)

First: I hope all of my RWO friends and family are well. And is baseball really coming back? 4th of July weekend start with no fans? Radically realigned divisions? An NL DH? A 14-team playoff? Given the circumstances, I’m all for it! I’m on the traditionalist side, so if you’d asked me this a couple … Continued

Sunshine or Rain Forecast for 2020?

After the long season of doing nothing during the off season, most fans think it will be a repeat of 2019.  I will attempt to write some positive points on why they might be a .500 club.  The Rockies were the only team not to sign a free agent to a MLB contract.  Good or … Continued

End of Season, Now What?

Tonight is Game 161 of the year and the Rockies does have an impact on the playoff scenario.  The Brewers (Rockies’ opponent) and the Cardinals are battling for the Central division title.  St. Louis still has a one-game lead over the Brewers going into tonight when both Milwaukee and St. Louis lost Friday night.  Milwaukee … Continued

How Did Colorado Get Into This Mess?

Most, if not all, of the RWOers fingers are pointed at the front office specifically Jeff Bridich and Dick Monfort.  It all started according to some at the trade deadline 2018.  Nothing was done to bolster the team for beyond 2018.  Seunghwan Oh was the only one that helped in 2018, but the sabermetrics said … Continued

Worst Month in Franchise History

So much can be said about the  2019 Rockies that I could write a book about it.  The two key takeaways from the 2019 performance are no significant transaction was done at trade deadline and having the worst calendar month in franchise history.  In the month of July, the Rockies went from serious contention for … Continued