New Rockies Show on 850 KOA

On the way into work this morning I heard an interview with Jack Corrigan that he will be doing a new Rockies show.  Oddly enough I can’t find any info on KOA at the moment, but I believe he said the show will air every Monday at 7:00pm (Mnt time) through Spring Training.  I think Cuddyer is the … Continued

A Call For Images

Hey guys, I love how the site looks with adding images to it – especially those from games or of specific players.  I have several pictures I’ve taken over the years that I can use without copyright issues and was hoping that some of you would have images that I could use as well. I’m … Continued

Anyone going to Rockies Fest?

I’m hoping I can go to Rockies Fest, but incase I can’t make it work – is anyone going that can take some pictures and send me some notes so I can post them on the site? Like my own personal “roving reporter”!

Testing Out Sound Off

Man Jaredean, you have done an amazing job on this site! Thank you! Now let’s go get Prado from the Braves!!!!

The Value of Helton

I hope to have it so you guys can post your own topics tonight, but there are 2 that have been put in comments that I’d like as actual posts.  Here is one from Bob in WV: OK, here we go and “sounding off”:  One topic I never hear about is the value of Todd … Continued


UPDATE: You are now able to register and sign in to post, so feel free to take advantage of it! I’ll give you more in-depth instructions later this evening for those having a hard time posting. Sound Off is open to any and all of you that want to be heard.  You are more than … Continued