Let’s first quickly revisit the REBUILD THE ROX theory first presented in early May. Here were the fundamental guidelines presented at the time: 1. Commit to scouting. Poach the best scouts from other Clubs. If we’re rebuilding, we need elite evaluators. 2. Commit (I mean COMMIT) to sabermetrics. We’ve made a step in the right … Continued

Rox Seek to KO Giants 9/6/2015

Here’s the lineup for today.  Hopefully, the offense can find a way to beat MadBum.  With Yohan Flande starting on the bump, it looks like a total mismatch.  Nolan Arenado seeks to hit a home run for the seventh game in a row against MadBum no less.

How About We Try This?

This is, without question, my (and by extension the RWO philosophy) what the Rockies should do NEXT year when we begin the inevitable fade after starting April and the beginning of May with a mostly positive start. This, of course, doesn’t work if we “crap the bed” early in 2016. Can you imagine the site’s positive blowup if Rox management followed … Continued

MLB Blackouts May Ease

We love to hate the blackout policy imposed by MLB.  EdtheUmp is blacked out from the Rockies’ game even though it is in Arizona local TV market.  I was in Moline, IL earlier this month and since the Rockies were playing the Cardinals I got blacked out even though I was in Cubs market.  As … Continued

Scenes From A Monfort Restaurant

A bottle of white, a bottle of red Perhaps a bottle of Coors Light instead We’ll get a table near the field In our usual last place You and I, face to face. A bottle of red, a bottle of white It all depends upon your line of sight I’ll meet you anytime you want … Continued

Rockies Prospects Thread

1.  Brendan Rodgers                11.  Trevor Story                 21.  Kyle Parker 2.  Jon Gray                              12.  Tom Murphy                22.  David Hill 3. … Continued