Reading the Front Office Tea Leaves

I’ve written several articles this summer outlining things I would do to turn the Rox around. The goal of my ideas has always been to field a consistent contender and win a World Series. But of course that’s just all wishful thinking. Now……I’m going to attempt to read the Front Office (as I like to … Continued

Trade Deadline Day

Today is the big day. The non-waiver trade deadline. 4PM ET. Let’s post our final trade thoughts here. Will Cargo be dealt? (he should) Will Blackmon be dealt? (he should) We know Wilin and Axford have no trade value. Stubbs and Descalso have no trade value. Honestly – even though his salary seemed modest at … Continued

Bold Second Half Predictions

Well folks, here we are again. The second half awaits, and we’re out of the playoff race. We don’t seem to be active in any sort of trade talks. We’re not willing to promote our young guys. Blah, blah, blah……same old song, another verse. That being said – we may just need to entertain ourselves. … Continued

Revisiting Your Preseason Win Projection.

We’re 82 games into the season. The All-Star Break is just around the corner. It’s a perfect time for a preseason projection “check-in” for RWOers. I’ll be happy to go first. In early March, I threw out a 76-78 win prediction that was also popular with the various statistical algorithms at that moment. By the … Continued

CALLED balls and strikes

Oft times I hear announcers claim that umpires are correct 94% of the time. I strongly disagree with the way statistics are being manipulated to achieve this wit: Umpire “calls” can include such obvious calls as a put out in the outfield, at any base, home run etc. What I am appalled at is … Continued