2014 Rockies Players Season Review – Troy Tulowitzki

  THE BEST TWO WAY SHORTSTOP IN BASEBALL AND PHYSICAL THERAPY TODAY And so our tour through the infield goes to the player who is the heart and soul of the Rockies and whom might be the heart and soul of another team soon. I don’t want to rehash a lot of the data I … Continued

2014 Rockies Players Season Review – Nolan Arenado

    AT BAT OR SNARING EVERYTHING HIT HIS WAY, NOLAN IS WORTH TUNING INTO ROCKIES GAMES EVERY NIGHT Nolan Arenado, the glove king of the hot corner, has in many ways been a great surprise and a huge disappointment. And this year, he was both at the same time and worse, he developed the … Continued

2014 Rockies Player Season Review – Justin Morneau

The sweet swing of  Rockies 1st Baseman Justin Morneau Colorado Rockies 2014 Player Season Review – Justin Morneau This begins the series of looking back on the season of those on the 40 man roster and important others players (prospects primarily as well as 60-day DL players). Where better to begin with than the first … Continued

Hitting and Pitching Splits – July 16

As promised, even in my absence from roxwalkoff that I would keep up the stats reporting. I have made a few changes to the hitting splits. Rather than giving you home and away and right and left as the way I used to, you now get home – right-handed, and home – left-handed, and the same … Continued

April vs May Hitting Comparison

  After looking at the numbers for pitchers from April to May, I got curious about what happened with our hitting. Well, to put it bluntly, we went from hot in April to not in May. But its more than that:   14 core positional players, only 4 have a better BA in May than … Continued

Hitting and Pitching Splits – as of June 2

First, the numbers: Hitting  – Home and Road Splits Hitting – Left and Right Splits How did this road trip impact their road averages? Here you go: Then there is the pitching And as much as we have focused on the poor hitting last month (3 shut-outs), it was the pitching that really stunk: Okay, … Continued