Chacin Elevates Brewers to 7-4 Win

Jhoulys Chacin has solidified everyone’s belief that something is not right with him.  He gave up all seven runs in less than six innings in a 7-4 loss to the Milwaukee Brewers.  The first pitch of the game by Chacin was a 84 fastball.  He used to sit low 90s.  Upon closer examination of his pitches, nearly all of the batted balls were on elevated pitches.  His fly ball rate is so bad that I proposed playing four outfielders and three infielders when Chacin is on the mound.  The training staff should make it a requirement that all pitchers coming off the DL be able to throw pitches between parallel strings at the knees.  Chacin no doubt would have failed the test and be sent back extended spring training.  It is so bad that I feel more confident in Yohan Flande starting over Chacin.  As if on cue, there was an article by Thomas Harding on that Chacin is worried about arm strength.

In one of the bright spots for the Rockies today, the bullpen did well.  Nick Masset came on with two outs in the sixth inning and stranded all three runners to get the third out.  Then Franklin Morales had perhaps the best performance of the year with two shutout innings in less than 25 pitches and no walks.

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7 years ago

INSANITY –I’m plumb worn out saying the same damn thing over and over. I bet Jared could scramble all the comments we’ve made over the past four years, print them on the blog, and none of us would be able to pick out the year they were made.

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