Class Act! Helton Takes Out Full Page Ad Thanking Fans

Todd Helton took out a full page ad in the Denver Post on Monday, a day after he was officially “retired” from baseball.  It was thank you letter to the fans:


Cbssports put his stats in a very unique way, when they said that Helton, “is the Rockies’ career leader in WAR, games, at-bats, plate appearances, runs, hits, doubles, home runs, RBI, total bases, walks, extra-base hits, times on base, sac flies, intentional walks and … well, you get the idea.”

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7 years ago

Thanks for sharing that. I love that man as much as one can love a sports icon and a stranger (met him one memorable time) and can’t describe how much he has meant and will be missed. My dad told me in the early 90s “Watch this kid Helton” (then in the minors). We did, Dad, through so much, and I have missed you these last 5 years that you’ve been gone, to share all the good times and commiserate… Read more »

7 years ago

I think I posted this once before-but the memory is the first thing to go and I can’t remember what goes next.Anyway,Todd is one of only 2-TWO- players in the history of the game with .315 BA-over 550 dbls.-over 350 HRs.over 1400 RBI’s and 1400 runs scored.The other,the great HOFer,Stan “the Man”Musial.Todays Post had another set of stats[which I misplaced] that has Todd as one of only eight to accomplish a different combo of offensive prowess.That group includes Ruth,H.Wagner,Foxx,Geherig,T.Williams and… Read more »

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