Kent Gardner (AKA RockyMountainHigh, AKA RMH) started writing shortly after Jaredean launched RWO.  As Jaredean got more and more busy with things, RMH stepped in and took over as lead writer, making sure the games were posted and covered each day.  He’s happy to keep this site active.  He was a sports editor at his high school newspaper.  When he went off to college, he majored in engineering.  Writing for this community really brings him joy.  He originally joined the community when the “Rocky Mountain News” shut down and the sports journalists set up “Inside the Rockies” and then was taken over by Jaredean who asked him to do some heavy duty writing the last few years.  He has loved meeting many of you at various ballparks (BobinWV at MinuteMaid in season opener, EdtheUmp at the Cactus League games and Coors Field, Jeem and Jaredean at Coors Field, TyInPHX at Chase Field).


Jim Miller (AKA Jeem) of Denver, who roots for the Rockies on Capitol Hill.  In real life Jeem is an architect, eking-out a living writing construction specifications for other architects.
Jeem began following baseball as a 10 year-old in 1965, when Koufax and Drysdale proved too much for Versailles, Killebrew, Kaat and the Twins.  He grew up a Detroit Tigers fan in his hometown of Toledo, Ohio, and took on a bad Braves team during a 10-year stint in the ATL during the 1980s, before returning to Colorado in 1994 and adopting our Storied Franchise.
Writing influences include, among many, immortals Damon Runyon, Elmore Leonard, and broadcaster Skip Caray, as well as stylist TC Boyle.


Jared Dean Blanchard, (AKA Jaredean), launched Rox Walk Off in December of 2011 after Inside the Rockies (a site started by Tracy Ringolsby, Jack Etkin and Steve Foster) called it quits.  Not wanting to see the amazing Rox community disband with the demise of the site, Jaredean took to his keyboard and threw together the first iteration of RoxWalkOff.

While the early years saw him doing most of the writing duties as well as the “geek work” behind the scenes, family life and “real job” responsibilities made it impossible to continue going it alone.  Now you will find most of his handwork on site maintenance and upkeep while writing duties are being shared by others.

If you are intersted you can catch Jaredean’s 15 seconds of fame on Root Sports HERE.



We would LOVE to have more people involved in pre/post game write-ups as well as other articles.  Please let us know if you’d like to be a part of the RWO Writing Team.


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