Continue Slide Into Oblivion @ SD 6/4

The media failed to talk about what Arenado was really saying in his dugout blowup last night.  It was obvious that he was angry that the Rox pitchers continues to throw predictable first-pitch fastballs for strikes.  Zack Cozart hit a HR on the first pitch of the game earlier this week.  Jon Jay lined a single on the first pitch of the game last night.  Two batters later, Matt Kemp who is very well known all over the majors to aggressively swing at the first pitch of the AB, smacked a 450-foot homer after Hundley called for a FB.  And Rusin grooved a FB up and center cut.  NoDo was basically screaming to the team no more FBs on the first pitch.  As if the catchers, pitchers, and coaches haven’t figured it out.

To Rusin’s credit, he did pitch seven innings giving up just one more run after the HR by Kemp.  The Rockies just got shut down by Drew Pomeranz getting a meager two hits, one a swinging bunt.  And the other hit by Trevor Story was erased on a TOOTBLAN attempt to steal second base.

Today James Shields have been traded away.  Pomeranz is rumored to be on the trading block as well.  Tonight Colorado faces Andrew Cashner.  I’m taking bets that we will score two runs or less.  If  you bet over two runs, you get a 10-1 payout and if you bet two runs or less, you get a 1-2 payout.  With last night’s loss, the Rockies are back on track for a 72-win season.

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