Dickerson Bounces RWO Counter to 6

It’s difficult to say the best hit of the night was Cory Dickerson’s walk-off single in the bottom of the 13th, when his THIRD DECK home run in the bottom of the 9th is what sent the game into extras in the first place.

Sure, the bumble-grump would say Dickerson owed it to the team, and the fans, after his horrible route to a Salty hit cost the team a run in the 5th.

But that was minor when put against the fact that the kid went 4 for 6 with three singles and the crushed HR.  He personally shut the Fish down after almost 4 1/2 hours of ball on a Saturday night.

Charlie Blackmon went 3-4 with an intentional walk and a sacrifice bunt to his name while Nolan had the key double in the 13th and scored the winning run.

Thankfully Rex Brothers alter ego Rex “blown inning” Brothers didn’t show up tonight in his quest to become the MVP of any team playing against the Rox.  With the game tied 3 to 3 in the top of the fifth, Walt proved he watches about as much of the Rockies games as the Three Blind Mice living in the 16th century.  He put Rex into a high pressure situation with two runners on, because he seems to live and die by the good ol’ left on left matchup.

Thankfully, this time, it worked with Rex striking out Jones to end the inning.

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6 years ago

If this team would have just dumped some expiring contracts and injury prone players we’d actually have something to look forward to.

The core young group of Arenado, Dickerson, Blackmon, Rosario(albeit a disappointing year) is something that could be fun to watch.

6 years ago
Reply to  ProgMatinee

I’d trade Wilin to AL team.I submit we will never be successful wih all the passed balls,poor pitch calling and myriad defensive lapses.Would also submit that a lot of the better starts have had McHenry behind the plate since the break.

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