Dodgers Sign Stewart…Rox Were in the Mix???

An MLBTR post this evening contains 2 disturbing revelations:  The first is that the Dodgers have signed Ian Stewart.  The second, and possibly more disturbing of the two, is that the Yankees, Marlins AND the Rockies were in the mix to pick up Stewart?!?!?!  Ok, What????

Stewart was elevated to prima donna status after a late night twitter rant in which he ripped the Cubs for not promoting him to the team from the minors, saying they should just release him because they will never play him.  Never mind his .168/.286/.372 slash IN THE MINORS!!!

Good luck to the Dodgers, thanks for taking that bullet and it looks like you may have taken the series, but you for sure took the bigger loss this week.

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8 years ago
Reply to  jaredean

Watch him just tear it up every time he plays the Rockies. Figures.

8 years ago

After that rant, and his history here and dismal performance since leaving here, why would we want him? Aren’t we happy with Arenado, and don’t we have decent backups in Herrera and LeMahieu and even Pacheco in a pinch? Don’t we have a couple of guys in AAA that could be called up if we had a series of injuries to our 3Bs?

8 years ago

My guess is Rox would have switched him to first base since we have no plan for next year[maybe Nady?]

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