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Hey all, it has been another very difficult year to be a fan of Rockies baseball.  Thankfully, we have the RWO faithful to analyze every painful loss as well as each awesome win.  I posted a few weeks back about the restructuring of the site and how RMH will take over the organization of writing while I will be covering the technical side of the equation.  Jeem and Dr. C are helping out with writing as well.

One thing that is very helpful, since this site doesn’t bring in any revenue on its own, is donations.  I haven’t really asked for donations this year like years past – other than at the beginning of the season, and have had a couple great RWO’rs step-up, but I’d love to see a few more dollars to come in to help offset costs and time if possible.

Your donations keep the wheels a spinning and the keys a clicking.  Here’s a thought – for those of you fed up with the team and thinking you won’t be renewing your season tickets, so….

Just kidding on that, but it would be very helpful and appreciated to get some cash in to cover costs and time.  Remember, that is also a way to make a reoccurring donation each month when you go to donate.

Thanks for everything guys!  You can donate by going here:

Go Rox!

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