Ewww….Padres 14 Rox 3

I see that JEEM already wrote about last night’s game (wasn’t sure whose turn).  But after going dark the past few days, I had to comment on what happened last night…and weekend.

This may be the easiest and shortest post I ever wrote.


  • Rox 4 game losing streak, total of 9 runs, 1/3 of which came vs. Kershaw and 1/3 vs Greinke (weird huh)!
  • Team cannot score against very mediocre bullpens.
  • 3rd bad starting pitching performance in 4 games (who would have guessed Butler would be the best of the bunch)
  • De La Rosa looking like the DLR of 2012 when trying to return late in the year after TJ surgery into the teeth of the broken humidor.
  • Team has scored 2 runs vs. McCarthy and a guy filling in for Ian Kenndy named Despaigne. What?
  • CarGo, Tulo, Dickerson all struggling big time, especially in the big time.
  • Bullpen starting to show ill-effects of too many outings too early
  • The defense, which should be among the best in baseball had its 1 millionth error in the past 8 days, though that includes plays not officially errors, like Blackmon performing like my mom playing right field in very slow pitch softball.
  • Team now must rely on their new “ace”….Tyler Matzek.


Seriously, did anyone stick around to the last out last night? And if you did, are you like unemployed? That was bad baseball. That was unenjoyable baseball. I mean baseball so bad you turn to PBS baseball. I had to avert my children’s eyes less they think that is what baseball is and they choose to follow that sport with the F in the name.


Okay, now the good side. It’s a 4 game losing streak. They ran into a buzzsaw in LA, still had chances to win in each game (before pitching explosions in the middle innings I mean). They ran into a Padres team that is seeing the ball great and sent out a DLR who simply elevated and left everything over the plate (and I mean everything). Clearly he needed at least a start or two more in AAA. Come on, do we really think that Jorge is done as a quality starting pitcher, especially at Coors? Of course not. The bats are silent right now, but does anyone think a healthy CarGo and Tulo are going to miss driving in runs when its 3rd and 1st with 0 outs all season (Sunday)? The starting pitching has been exposed, but aside from Kendrick (well, and the DLR outhouse fest), we saw some good things from Lyles (save for his walk machine, sadly the story of his career) and Butler (4:1 K/BB ratio a really good sign as is the 2 runs over 5).

The team is 7-6 after playing some of its worst baseball the past 2 1/2 games (I mean, 2014 bad). It is still early. As I always say, every team loses 50 no matter what. The past 4 are part of that group (we hope, and not part of the 62 games that define every team’s season, or else its time to see when training camp starts).

Sometimes you get the bear (Opening Day), and sometimes the whole darn zoo gets you (the last…oh you know). Great thing about baseball….another day, another game tonight.


Here is to new ace and losing streak stopper, Tyler Matzek.


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