FirstLook: Giants vs. Rockies, 4.25.15

It’s the 20th anniversary of the thunderous opening of Coors Field (occurring unusually late in 1995 due to the labor settlement). Walt Weiss brought a few of the oldtimers down to watch BP.

No, Tim Hudson wasn’t playing then, it just seems like it. With Mark Ellis and Eric Chavez done, and Barry Zito pending in Nashville, Hudson and Aaron Harang are the last two MoneyBallers standing. The Dbacks melted Hudson in his last outing, 5 ER in 5 IP.

On our side, we’re just gonna chalk up a mulligan for Jorge de la Rosa who was “ambushed” by the Dodgers. Noteworthy (and I know Agbayani will enjoy this), McKenry has hit Hudson well – but Hundley is getting the start. I still see a difference in presence behind the plate favoring Hundley, but it is hard to demonstrate with sabermetrics. Experience matters. I’m still looking for numbers that tell the story. I’m not a big fan of “catcher ERA”, especially when there are cement mixers and a lot of reaching around for errant pitches.

The Rox are 10-0 when allowing 4 runs or less, so that’s the number to watch. The PowerPen has been awesome, but the starters still have to keep their end of the bargain.

The Giants have gone with a mostly-rightly lineup, sitting Panik and Belt. Watch out for Crawford.

San Francisco Giants
LF: Norichika Aoki
2B: Matt Duffy
CF: Angel Pagan
1B: Buster Posey
RF: Justin Maxwell
C: Andrew Susac
3B: Casey McGehee
SS: Brandon Crawford
SP: Tim Hudson

CF: Charlie Blackmon
LF: Corey Dickerson
SS: Troy Tulowitzki
1B: Justin Morneau
3B: Nolan Arenado
RF: Carlos Gonzalez
C: Nick Hundley
2B: DJ LeMahieu
SP: Jorge De La Rosa

What we’re watching

Just watch the clouds, sit in the grass
Sometimes, one just has to enjoy the game. I’ve been watching Matt Harvey own the Yankees while writing this. When the Rox starting pitching shows up and the big names are healthy and in the lineup, this team can be fun to watch. Weiss has done fairly well with the horses he’s been given so far.

What’s a #PorchDickerson?
Corey Dickerson has been putting on a power display the likes of which we haven’t seen for a while. Our #PorchDickerson hashtag for his HRs (hit onto the porch in baseball lingo) is a nod of the cap to Chris Hardwick. He got #PorchDick trending on an episode of “Talking Dead” as a description of Pete, the guy Rick kills at the end of season 5. Now you know.

On a scale of 10 to 16
A baseball season breaks down into essentially 6 months, and as Buck Showalter says on the commercial, eventually, you become who you are. A team that wins only 10 games or less per month is lousy. A team that wins 16 or more is great. The Rox have already reached the 10 mark for April, where will they fall on the consistency scale? So far, only the Dodgers have appeared to overmatch them, but we have yet to see the powerful NL East.

Getting longer outings
The bullpen leading MLB in holds (21) and the fewest BB (11) is getting a breather with better starting outings. DLR needs to continue the trend.

Career against Hudson:
Corey Dickerson 4-for-10 (.400), 1 HR
DJ LeMahieu 4-for-11 (.364), 1 3B, 1 2B
Charlie Blackmon 6-for-19 (.316), 1 2B
Justin Morneau 5-for-23 (.217), 1 HR

Career against DLR:
Brandon Crawford 4-for-13 (.308), 1 3B
Buster Posey 8-for-28 (,286), 1 HR

DLR in previous outing:
Has he pitched yet? I turned that one on in the 3rd.


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6 years ago

SF win this game, it’s one more loss in your bullpen record Dr_C

6 years ago

Time to DFA Stubbs if he can’t hit wiffle balls from Hudson. He can’t even hit a beach ball if the Dodgers use them to pitch to Stubbs at Dodger Stadium using beach balls donated by the fans.

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