FirstLook: Rockies @ Dodgers, 4/18/15

The news is out: the Rockies can hit a little bit again this year. If the Rockies are going to be competitive in the NL West, they have to do better against the front of the opposition rotation they will almost always see. Clayton Kershaw is Public Enemy #1, and we have a lousy #1 matchup right now – result as expected last night, first road loss of 2015.

Tonight may be different facing the Los Angeles Dodgers of Los Angeles. Also on the Rox most wanted list is Zack Greinke, sporting a new DeGrom-like flow to cover his insecurities. Greinke’s fastball velocity was down to 90.5 in last outing, and he compensated with a high percentage of changeups. May be nothing, may be something. We need to get him out of the flow early, and the top of the order is pretty solid against Greinke.

Our lineup is back to normal, and Jordan Lyles should be a better matchup. He has a challenge in keeping Rollins and Puig off base, that will be key to minimize damage AGon and Howie can do.

Los Angeles Dodgers
SS: Jimmy Rollins
RF: Yasiel Puig
1B: Adrian Gonzalez
2B: Howard Kendrick
C: Yasmani Grandal
LF: Andre Ethier
3B: Juan Uribe
CF: Joc Pederson
SP: Zack Greinke

CF: Charlie Blackmon
RF: Carlos Gonzalez
SS: Troy Tulowitzki
1B: Justin Morneau
3B: Nolan Arenado
LF: Corey Dickerson
C: Nick Hundley
2B: DJ LeMahieu
SP: Jordan Lyles

What we’re watching:

Wrong Gonzalez
Adrian is just on fire. Keep people off base in front of him at all costs.

Can Puig hit a cutoff man?
MLB15 claims to be realistic – pfffft. Puig thinks “cutoff man” is a guy in the stands wearing jorts.

Keep Lyles in game
Bullpen at risk of overwork. Rox 27th in MLB in innings from starters.

Career against Greinke:
CarGo: 6 for 17 (.353), 2 HR, 1 3B, 1 2B
Blackmon: 5 for 16 (.313), 1 2B
Tulo: 9 for 30 (.300), 1 2B
Unfortunately, Stubbs is sitting: 11 for 26 (.423), 2 2B

Career against Lyles:
Yasiel Puig: 3 for 5 (.600), 1 HR
Jimmy Rollins: 5 for 10 (.500), 2 2B

Lyles in previous outing:
6.0 in, 5 hits, 1 ER, 3 K, 3 BB

98 pitches
Fastball 57%, 91.5mph
Change 23%, 82.8mph
Slider 14%, 88.6mph
Curve 6%, 84.2mph

Fastball is right on average velocity from 2014.
Rox new philosophy of more changeups very evident, big increase over career average.


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6 years ago

News flash: Dodgers are better than us.

6 years ago
Reply to  Agbayani

I’d like to see how Dodgers fare with their #5 #6 #7 #starters. Let’s see the game Sunday. Also Gonzalez can’t bat .500 forever. They are still formidable offensively with Kendrick, Puig, Rollins Gonzalez and to a smaller extent Uribe.

6 years ago

RMH – they’re missing Kenley Jansen, arguably the best CL in the NL. He should be back mid-May. Hyun Ryu and Brandon League are also out.

They’re a really good team. Before the season began, I had them #2 in the NL behind the Nats (both being well clear of everyone else). The Nats have also been dealing with key injuries……..but I’m beginning to think the Dodgers may be better.

6 years ago
Reply to  sdcarp

After watching the first 2 games of the Dodgers series, I’m seeing the same thing as you are that the Dodgers are that good even with the injury bug. I admit I haven’t seen the Nats in games yet, but I believe the Dodgers are in a class by themselves.

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