FirstLook: Rockies @ Padres, 5.2.15

Not much positive on this roadtrip so far. Congrats to Drew Stubbs for getting off the 0-fer list. At least we won’t be seeing Jorge Rondon again anytime soon, he’s been DFA’d after an infinite ERA disaster last night. I think that may have been the strategy, get him off the 40-man and move on. Hopefully it’s not a sign of how sparse the farm system is – but then again, I’m sure it is. Let’s hope to wipe things clean and have a fairly even contest tonight.

We are starting to see what the Padres are, as this rebuilt team learns to play together. Derek Norris has been one of the best surprises so far. They still have a hole at SS (sorry, Clint Barmes) but on a team this loaded, a reliable glove is an affordable luxury – old school thinking.

It’s the Padres mostly-right lineup tonight:

San Diego Padres
CF: Wil Myers
C: Derek Norris
RF: Matt Kemp
LF: Justin Upton
1B: Yangervis Solarte
2B: Jedd Gyorko
3B: Will Middlebrooks
SS: Clint Barmes
SP: Brandon Morrow

Rockies (anyone else noticing the Rockies are consistently last to release a lineup?)
CF: Charlie Blackmon
LF: Corey Dickerson
SS: Troy Tulowitzki
1B: Justin Morneau
3B: Nolan Arenado
RF: Carlos Gonzalez
C: Nick Hundley
2B: DJ LeMahieu
SP: Jorge de la Rosa

What we’re watching:

Shields down
The normally reliable “Coors Shield” has had a rough road trip so far. DJ LeMahieu said it’s “rock bottom”, hopefully not in the Backstrom context. This starting staff can’t afford errors behind them, plain and simple. Coors Shield has been shortening bad innings until the last couple days.

The pen isn’t what it used to be
Padres pen is still a work in progress, they can be had

Keep the line moving
Rockies have to pile up back-to-back hits and improve on run production

Career against Morrow:
Very small sample sizes

Career against DLR:
Unsurprisingly, it’s Matt Kemp: 17-for-41 (.415), 3 HR, 5 2B
Jedd Gyroko: 11-for-16 (.688), 4 2B
Justin Upton: 8-for-21 (.381), 1 2B

DLR in previous outing:
5.0 IP, 2 ER, 4 H, 2 BB, 7 K

90 pitches, 56 strikes
38% fastball
32% cutter
1% curve
29% splitter

Fastball averaging 94mph.


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6 years ago

Been away in more ways than one for 2+ weeks. Checked in on MLB At Bat to get glimpses. Watched (for a while) last night and said Meh, bedtime. But I was treated to seeing (as a sample of how it’s been going) Cargo at .200 (?!), Stubbs at .000 (?!) until his big exhale, learning Zero is hurt, seeing Tulo with his tight get-me-out-of-here face again, a disaster in the field, finding out the pitchers are walking the house,… Read more »

6 years ago

I’ve been waiting about two weeks to see Rox get back to back hits/walks or three in a row with less than 2 outs. And I’ve been waiting the whole year to see SP issue 1BB or none thru 6. Anyone notice that we give up most runs in the 5th and 6th when SPs get tired? That’s what ST is for, build up strength to go 7 innings on day one. As I type this, another HBP which probably… Read more »

6 years ago

Tulo has to be the highest paid lowest late inning threat in MLB. The 2 strike rollover weak grounder is his trademark AB. He is nothing like Helton who figured out by this point that there was value in lasting more than 4 pitches. Troy shows pretty minimal interest in the proceedings after the lead is gone. He sure hasn’t expanded his game to match the vast expanse of his contract.

6 years ago

So does Walt “rest” the “big guns” again tomorrow? They have to be exhausted after all the big swings tonight.

6 years ago

sdcarp wanted us to sign Morrow; we got Kendrick instead. Now, Morrow has always had good stuff, but this lack of offense is ridiculous.

6 years ago

It’s true – Morrow was on my sign cheap list. I especially liked him (and still do) as a reliever. I also like Brandon McCarthy (too expensive, and now hurt and done for the year) and Sergio Santos – who has sucked. So it was basically the old “if I throw enough stuff at the wall something will stick” theory. I also really like the RP the Pads got from the Mariners, Brandon Maurer.

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