FirstLook: Rockies @ Phillies, 5.30.15

The depth chart for the Rockies is rather hilarious this morning. Charlie Blackmon is playing both LF and CF. Descalso is at 1B. And Chad Bettis is listed 6th in the rotation. All three of those are laughers.

Bettis has been one of the more pleasant surprises of the season. We are finally seeing what a real pitcher who attacks the zone and works sequences can do. His emergence may be as good as a trade for the Rockies. I’m afraid we are in for a different experience today. DLR is still wussing out with a cut on his left middle finger, and that means Eddie Butler scrubs up for another operation. His last effort with the Phillies lineup showed a timid approach, something he can ill afford today.

Brandon Barnes is back in LF. Walt was trying desperately to get better defense behind Bettis last night, and Barnes ended up going all George of the Jungle on us (WATCH OUT FOR THAT WALL). I’ll chalk that one up to nerves. All in all, his hustle has helped this club immensely.

The guy who should be playing 1B is, Ben Paulsen. As I suggested to someone on Twitter last night, Bridich is 0 for 2.5 on the calls out of spring training. However, I know I couldn’t justify Paulsen ahead of a healthy Morneau, and a L-L platoon at 1B doesn’t make sense which favored Rosario. With Morneau down (and maybe out), Paulsen offers a big bat and a solid defender, and we don’t have to see Descalso fumble around the bag.

The Phillies run out Aaron Harang (aka Last of the Moneyballers), who has been solid for them so far this year. The Utley-Howard-Papelbon trade watch continues. The Angels balked on the Revere rumors and went Niewenhuis instead. It’s going to be a long summer in Philly.

Again, watch out for Nolan Arenado today. He loves to hit in day games. CarGo also has a history of torching Harang. The bullpen is rested, no excuses. Consensus at RoxWalkOff was we should use Logan either to start innings or as a true LOOGY, no inherited runners with right-handers coming up, please. Unfortunately, the guy who can snuff fires is Betancourt, but he’s usually saved for the 8th – someone else with that capability will have to emerge for earlier innings.

Philadelphia Phillies
CF: Ben Revere
SS: Freddy Galvis
2B: Chase Utley
1B: Ryan Howard
3B: Maikel Franco
LF: Cody Asche
RF: Jeff Francoeur
C: Carlos Ruiz
SP: Aaron Harang

CF: Charlie Blackmon
2B: DJ LeMahieu
SS: Troy Tulowitzki
RF: Carlos Gonzalez
3B: Nolan Arenado
1B: Ben Paulsen
C: Michael McKenry
LF: Brandon Barnes
SP: Eddie Butler


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5 years ago

We won the ugly way, but that’s how winners play the game.

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