Game 2 – Rox Vs. Phils

After losing two straight games by 1 run in two very good starts from Rockies pitchers the Rox suddenly are starting to get some great starting pitching and good pen work as well.


But the season long struggles at the plates continue, as do their struggles at home. Even when the Rox are bad they win at home. Even when the Rox are bad they score runs. But I think it can be argued that if the Rox were hitting like they should, this team would be at least .500. Think about it, other than the opening series, when have they had more than say 3 hitters rolling? They have had a struggling CarGo, a struggling Mornuea, a wounded Dickerson…you get the picture. And oh my, the strikeouts. This team simply cannot make contact.


Is it time to make a change just to shake things up? Hitting Coach? Manager?   Just asking


So, tonight they go again, trying to score 7 runs for at least the 4th time this year.



Phillies Position Rox Position
Revere LF Blackmon CF
Galvis SS Tulo SS
Sizemore RF CarGo RF
Howard 1B Arenado 3B
Franco 3B Rosario 1B
Utley 2B Hundley C
Herrera CF Ynoa RF
Ruiz C Bettis P
Harang P DJ 2B


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6 years ago

You’re right, Dr. C. In my years as a Rockies fan, there have been a couple times where I was weirdly fascinated with the train wreck before my eyes. I always come back to 2004 (Shawn Chacon, closer; say no more) and now 2012 (the absolute horror of Alex White/Pomeranz/Friedrick/Outman in the rotation at the same time). But that was interesting in bad way. This is just … boring. I’m tuned in right now, but I won’t last very long… Read more »

6 years ago

Tonight’s theme: despite the early 2-run lead, I’m afraid Aaron Harang destined to defeat us because he was a Rockie for about 10 minutes in 2013, before O’Dowd “upgraded” by moving him and picking up Garland … (yes, there were salary considerations, but Harang somehow rebounded to be a useful starter whereas Garland, well, didn’t)

6 years ago

chat set up; I’m back from my vacation in the Netherlands; fire away all our Rox gripes

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