Giambi 6, Helton 0

The post game face said it all – Todd Helton was absolutely dejected in what is sure to go down as the beginning of an epic rivalry for Rockies Historians.  We will be combing through this for years to come, I’m almost certain.

The specifics are a bit fuzzy coming out of Arizona, but we know this much for sure: Team Giambi crushed Team helton 6 – 0 in what can only be described as a good ol’ fashioned whoopin’. Helton couldn’t mask his disappointment in the post game interview seen below. When asked what the difference was in his win Giambi said that, “it was a statement by the players. They went out there and played hard for me. I put them in tough situations because I wanted to showcase how athletic they were. Woody is the co-MVP. They were outstanding today.” Todd couldn’t help but blow his breath out in disgust at Giambi’s gloating.

When asked about the game, Helton said, “we are just gonna wash this off. Take a shower, we are gonna forget about it, we are gonna come back…I’m probably never gonna manage again. Yeah, that was a bad outing, bad showing. They got ahead and boat raced us. I gotta say that they were unsportsmanlike at the end stealing when it was 4 – 0 and we didn’t have another at bat.” Giambi was unconcerned with Helton’s anger, replying, “it’s alright, we just wanted to rub it in, step on your neck. Wanted to let him know he got out-managed.”

When Helton was asked if he regretted any moves he was sorry he didn’t make, he quickly shot back, “we didn’t have a chance to make any moves!!!” He went on to say, “I think I managed it perfectly! That wasn’t the issue.” When asked what the issue was, he thought for a moment and then said, “I guess I can’t say that” for fear of throwing players under the bus.

“Tough day. We’ll get them next year.” was all Helton could say at the end.

Rox Walk Off special on-site reporter, EdTheUmp, had the following observations as one of the very few able to witness this historic moment in Rockies History:

The rivalry kicked off immediately as the Giambino came out for the pregame conference with the umps and Helton was a no show. As the game progressed it was very evident that Giambi was taking this game very seriously. He was constantly up from his chair with fist bumps and pats on the back and words of encouragement…Helton, on the other hand, never left his chair as he was routinely being thumped by Giambi’s offensive juggernaut. Jamie Moyer, who was Helton’s starting pitcher, did an admirable job for a 63 year old. The fact that Giambi was sitting in bright sunlight and Helton was in the shade where it was noticeably cooler may have contributed to the mood from the Toddfather which is to say…somber.
This observer predicts that this rivalry will be only one game long…I don’t see Helton continuing on with his lackluster managerial skills and his lackluster team. I predict he sticks to hitting and defense. Giambi is not only older than Todd but appears to be ready to take the next step…managing the Yankees upon his retirement in 7 years from the Rockies.
The perplexing part of this whole snapshot in time is the fact that Team Helton was stacked with the likes of Arenado, Rosario and Wheeler.  Here are the lineups of each team:
Team Helton
CF Tim Wheeler
SS Johnny Herrera
RF Kent Matthes
1B Ben Paulsen
C Wilin Rosario
3B Nolan Arenado
DH Matt McBride
LF Andrew Brown
2B Chris Nelson
Team Giambi
CF Eric Young
DH Brendan Harris
C Jordan Pacheco
1B Chad Tracy
3B Brandon Wood
RF Tyler Colvin
2B DJ LeMahieu
LF Charlie Blackmon
SS Tommy Field
For those with a strong constitution, not afraid of watching an angry Todd in action, I present you with the post-game interview (courtesy the Denver Post blog):


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Rich M
Rich M
9 years ago

At 63 years old (I am still skeptical) Moyer should have been managing instead of pitching!

9 years ago

What a riot!! This is one of the reasons I love baseball and the Rox!!!

9 years ago

Real friggin’ cool. Thanks Ed and Jaredean.

9 years ago

Kudos for the video link,this site is really progressing beyond our old beloved ITR.

9 years ago

The video showed that we are accountable for the team’s performance yet they added the fun to it. They did a masterful job at taking the pressure off each individual and just have fun.

9 years ago

Was fun to watch the “gray pants versus the white pants” game! We got there late and missed Moyer which we had hoped see. Let the fun begin!

Mike Raysfan
Mike Raysfan
9 years ago

I was surprised to see the game get air time on 9News last night. Glad to see the coverage. Great stuff here too. Thanks jaredean and Ed!

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