Giancarlo 4, Rox -1 in Dickerson

Despite best efforts of David Hale, the Marlins got all they needed from Giancarlo Stanton in the 1st inning in today’s 4-1 Rox loss. Stanton launched a ball that came a foot from leaving the yard, doubling in Dee Gordon and Christian Yelich for two quick runs off Hale. It would have been worse but for a play Tulo made on a shift on Yelich, getting an FC on Prado. That bad first inning doomed Hale, because otherwise he was respectable, only giving up 2 other hits.

Unfortunately, those were in the 6th, with those same guys Yelich and Stanton up to no good again. Stanton jacked a mid-deck line drive six seats in from the left field foul pole for a 4 RBI day. 4 hits, 4 runs, day over for Hale.

However, the Rockies offense is still totally MIA. Mat Latos looked untouchable, going 7 and dealing out 11 Ks. The only run was scratched out in the 6th on a LeMahieu double, followed by stealing third, and a Tulo single.

In between those batters, Corey Dickerson proved that extended spring leadoff ABs are not the same as actual game action. He grounded to short and halfway up the first base line pulled up lame, again the PF, and again probably headed for the DL unless some miracle occurs. I went back and watched the sequence. When he leapt for the Stanton ball off the top of the left-center wall in the 1st, he came down hurting and lingered there a bit. He was doing the back knee swing on his K in the 3rd, but he jumped out of the way of an 0-2 pitch and looked down at his left foot with concern. On the AB in the 6th, he strode on the first ball, and shook out his left leg uncomfortably. He swung at the next pitch, tossing a very loud F-bomb after fouling it off (pictured). He pulled up on a subsequent groundout, and exited the game immediately.

Whoever planned and supervised that rehab totally failed – or Dickerson lied about the pain. I’m not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV, but he’s hurt. Kyle Parker is packing a bag right now.

The LaTroy Hawkins rehab seems to have gone better. He threw a clean (shaven) 8th on 5 pitches, his second outing since returning.

I don’t understand how the Rox play Cardinals-beating baseball, almost pulling off a sweep, and then struggle beyond belief with the Marlins at home and away. 2 runs in 3 days is beyond pathetic, and RMH was right – the Rox were ready for a sweep, just not one on the plus side. Tomorrow doesn’t get any easier with Haren going for the Marlins.

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6 years ago

Let’s see, 5 hits, 15Ks. Hmmm…. Baseball players and injuries seem to lead to more practice of the Dark Arts than medicine. Remember Betancourt’s blood transfusion treatment for his blown elbow? How long it took to get to the torn labrum diagnosis for Tulo, Cargo’s finger that had something growing inside? It’s like the training staff is using leeches to figure out what’s wrong with the guys. Maybe that’s why the guys don’t want to spend much time with the… Read more »

6 years ago

Isn’t it about time for Stanton to take a heater in the butt?

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