Good News for a Good Guy – Tyler Matzek

When I wrote the scouting update on our pitching prospects I gave the highest grade to Daniel Winkler, and interesting pitching prospect who has great secondary stuff to make his 93 mph fastball even better. But going back to 2009, when they drafted Tyler Matzek, and no one thought the “cheap old Rockies” would be able to sign him, I have been following the kid. He was the 2nd rated pitching prospect that year after Stephen Strausburg, and he looked guaranteed to go to college but both a big last minute offer and if I recall right the fact his dad lost his job allowed the Rockies to sign him literally at the last minute. Sadly, since then he has had one of the weirdest development patterns, including shutting him down, sending him back to his high school coach, and giving him a chance to clear his head. Well, I have always been a fan of Tyler, and evidently, now I am not the only one as they mentioned on the Sunday ROOT broadcast that the broadcast team had been told the best looking pitcher in all the minors so far this year, not just Rockies but in all of baseball, has been….Tyler Matzek. If you didn’t see it in today’s paper, nice little article backing that up:


Go Rox, and Go Tyler. I remain a big Franklin Morales fan and love Juan Nicasio’s story,  but that 5th spot in the rotation may soon have a new owner.

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7 years ago

Read the article this AM – thought it was excellent that the DP had some Rox Farm news…..stuff like this (Rox Farm articles) should happen on a more regular basis. Scouts and developmental people would point to this example as a classic example of the pros of drafter HSers. They’re young and if they lose a couple of years for whatever reason, they’re still the age of a college junior. David Dahl may end up being another example. I’m a… Read more »

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