It was gray and damp in San Fran, gray and damp in Colorado.  And, folks, our young Jonny Gray outpitched Johnny Cueto, based on their lines.  The kid is growing before our eyes, as several here have noted, and kudos to him.  The game was pretty much a dream for those who love pitchers’ duels.  There was some amazing defense on both sides, too, including a dart to home from Charlie in center field in the 10th to help preserve a tie (a 1-run lead? sorry), and some spot-on throws from Story and DJ, and more great picks from Reynolds at first.  I thought he was primarily a slugger, until I got to see more from him with this team – he has been Helton-esque at times.  He dropped a throw, though, (and don’t ask me when or how much it impacted things.  It’s a bit of a blur when a game goes this long and I’m losing focus due to other stuff around home.)

As Spilly kept saying, somebody’s got to win or lose this.  (Moral victory?  Ha. Maybe.) We can still hope for a series split.


(I need to add the Cubbies to my handle somehow….love what they are doing.  Dad’s team, and therefore mine, for years:)

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5 years ago

I suggest leaving your handle the same and adopting the Cubs logo as your emoticon.

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