Happy 41 #23

JASON GIAMBI gets to blow out a buncha’ candles today.

Yep, it’s the Giambino’s 41st birthday.

But no, he’s not the oldest position player in the bigs.

That would be JIM THOME; by 134 days. Especially since THOME will return to the NL with his signing by the Phillies in early November.

And GIAMBI’s not the oldest Rockie ever. That distinction belongs to STEVE FINLEY, who, at 42 years old, was on Colorado’s 2007 opening day roster.


Enough about age, let’s talk about number 23.

Yeah two-three.

When I see GIAMBI hop out of the dugout, and step into the on deck circle, I always wanna’ cup my mouth and yell at the top of my lungs “…c’mon two-threetake one deep!”; and with a New York accent (*cringe*).

Ya’ know where I’m going with that, right?

JASON has this bigger than life persona that oozes…say, gladiator, warrior, hero.

That said, it seems strange that only 7 of his 428 career homers have been walk offs: but 3 have come since he joined the Rockies on 9/1/09.

The photo you see above was snapped right before JASON jacked that June 23rd 2010 bottom of the 9th game winner against JONATHAN PAPELBON and the Red Sox at Coors Field.
Yeah, I know you remember that win!

(FYI; GIAMBI is 3 for 9 off of the Philadelphia’s new closer all time.)


JASON enters the 2012 season ranked 42nd on baseball’s all-time home run list.

Can the big man equal the 13 homers he hit last year?


(14 taters and he passes DAVE “King-Kong” KINGMAN for 38th all time…right that DAVE KINGMAN!)


He’s also 3 ribbies away from 14 hundred; something only 70 players have accomplished in the history of the game.


Colorado fans know that JASON GIAMBI and TODD HELTON have a special relationship.

They currently both play first base for the Rox, and they both should have won the MVP award in 2000.

GIAMBI’S was the AL’s most valuable player that year when he had this line in Oakland:

.333 BA – 170 hits – 108 runs – 43 HR’s- 137 RBI’s – .647 slugging %

HELTON finished 5th in the NL MVP balloting in 2000; umm, with these numbers (but you, as an astute Rockies fan, already knew this, obviously!):

.372 BA – 216 hits – 138 runs – 42 HR’s – 147 RBI’s – .698 slugging %

A few more numbers a Rockies rooter needs to know about GIAMBI heading into 2012:

JASON’S brother JEREMY hit 52 career homers.

As teammates in Oakland, the two went deep in the same game 5 times.

And homered off the same pitcher in the same game 3 times: RAMON ORTIZ, RYAN FRANKLIN, and STERLING HITCHCOCK.


Jason’s 6 homers off of TIM BELCHER (recently retired Indians pitching coach) is the most off any one hurler.

has 21 homers as a Rockie; 10 at Coors Field.




The only club GIAMBI has not homered against?

That would be the ASTROS.


As if you needed another reason to watch the Rockies opening series of 2012!

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9 years ago

I really like the Gambino,and was there with my son for that bomb.However,as oft stated here,taking a roster spot for a 41 yr old only makes sense IF his skills are used for the good of the team.Jim Tracy’s insistance on saving Giambi,often for moments that never come,has been a madding misuse of the Giambino’s remaining skills.As Giambi himself has often said,always facing the other teams closer,often w/2 outs and situation desperate,is often a no win situation.Many games are won… Read more »

9 years ago

Marc, good to see you here. Gary, Giambi did win the 2000 AL MVP. Jeff Kent won the NL MVP. I think Helton suffered from a common thing — overly discounting stats for Coors hitters. His OPS+ (which is park adjusted) was 163. Kent’s was 162. So they were roughly equal in offensive performance by that measure; by better measures, Helton had the better offensive season. Kent also benefited from a positional voting advantage, but Rockies fans know that Helton’s… Read more »

9 years ago

Marc, thanks again for this report. I, for one, love cool facts like this about the players. I will be the first to admit that when we signed Jason I was pretty upset…why in the world would we need a DH on the team that doesn’t use a DH, was what I thought. I remember the day of the signing yelling at anyone that would listen at work, “WHY???” But, he has more than proven himself an amazing team mate… Read more »

Bob in Indy
Bob in Indy
9 years ago
Reply to  jaredean

I just watched the replay of that ninth inning. You were on the third base side of home plate according to your pic so you are not quite in the camera shot from CF during the broadcast. On a lesser note of the joy of watching Giambi’s walkoff, was the dismay of watching Ian Stewart’s titanic blast to lead off the inning and tie the game. Dismay in that we all now think what could (and should) have been with… Read more »

9 years ago
Reply to  Bob in Indy

Yeah, Bob, the first thing i did when i came home was watch the ending – you can’t see us because we are right behind the mob if i remember correctly… I posted some of the pictures on the Rox Walk Off Facebook page…one of where i was sitting and some of the mob scene after…you can see them here: http://www.facebook.com/RoxWalkOff Every game in the series was fun, but that game was legendary… Which reminds me, we have a Facebook… Read more »

9 years ago

Thanks Agbayani,my old eyes[or maybe the Vodka] made me miss that in the post above.Helton was “jobbed” as are all Rockies whenever competing for nationwide honors.Jaredean,once u woke my brain cells I remember u were one of those whom I agreed with on Giambis misuse.I equated it to a coach having a timeout left in basketball but losing by a basket,or football losing by a field goal-with the ball-but letting the clock expire!As Elway told Tebow[paraphase],when its there,its time to… Read more »

9 years ago

Great stuff Marc. Thanks. Your “numbers” gets me more pumped for the season to start and watching the broadcasts!

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