Hawk Lets Dodgers Walk to Victory

Colorado Rockies received great pitching from Kerosene,Tommy Kahnle, and Nick Massett.  They combined to give up just two runs over the first eight innings to give the Rox a real good chance to win.  But the usual toxic habits  sank the Rockies – a passed ball and a walk which gave the Dodgers two gifted runs.  Juan Uribe doubled with one out in the fourth and Baby Bull had a passed ball which allowed Uribe to move up to third.  He eventually scored easily on a sacrifice fly.  Latroy Hawkins who is rusty from lack of work issued a four pitch walk to Matt Kemp leading off the ninth.  D.J. LeMahieu forgot to put some tar on his mitt dropping briefly a potential double play ball which allowed Kemp to safely move up to second base and instead make the first out at first base.  Then Juan Uribe hit a smash right at D.J. which he whiffed allowing Kemp to score the winning run.  It was officially a single, but all Rockies fans will tell you that it is an error for not at least knocking down the ball.

The Rockies made a valiant effort to score at least three runs to support the pitching performance, but manufacturing runs in key situations failed on occasions.  With two outs in the fifth, LeMahieu singled and moved up to second base on Yaisel Puig’s error.  Pinch hitter Josh Rutledge had a beautiful stroke lacing the ball into the gap off Zack Grienke to score the first run reducing the Dodgers lead to 2-1.  The Rockies had their best opportunity in the bottom of the eighth which they fell flat on their faces.  Nazty singled leading off the inning.  Drew Stubbs tried to bunt him over but bunt popped up the elevator.  Justin Morneau, possibly the team’s best all around player, tripled to even the score at 2-2.  Everybody was ready for the fireworks when Tulo stepped up with Morneau on third base and only one out.  Tulo, a poor late-and-close hitter, hit a pop up just beyond third base for a second out.  Then NoDo stepped up to try to save the day but took a huge hack at a pitch above his head for the third out.

During the game, the Rockies announced that Jair Jurrgens will start the game Friday night taking Christian Friedrich’s rotation spot.  Boone Logan is expected to be activated as well either today or Saturday.  Both CarGo and Brett Anderson will be back hopefully right before the ASB, else they will be ready for sure when we start post-ASB play.

RWO upgrade notice:  “Hot Stove” has been added as a category for anybody (not just the moderators) to write about player transactions and rumors.  It was a suggestion by sdcarp that was implemented.  “Hot Stove” and “Sound Off” now can be used for any RWO fans to write about anything baseball. Type away!

Have a happy and safe 4th of July.

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7 years ago

The high fastballs completely flummoxed the lineup the entire time Greinke was pitching. NoDo should have seen that coming given it was his 3rd AB and that was THE SO pitch repeatedly throughout the game. I think Tulo is the LAST guy you want up late/close and behind. He has to be the least clutch player of his caliber and experience level in MLB. He just doesn’t get it done when there’s a game to win. Frankie was frustratingly competent,… Read more »

Julie G
Julie G
7 years ago

I saw a replay of the DJ miss that wasn’t shown or I missed during the game and it was pretty evident that the ref’s position, which was not his fault, made that a really tough play to make and I will certainly give DJ a break since he is a fabulous defensive 2nd basemen. I think one of the keys was actually not having LaTroy pitch more, just because he is titled the closer doesn’t mean he can’t pitch… Read more »

7 years ago

I hate runners being left at third. A specialty of the Rockies forever. And especially hate it when that run would tie the game or lead it. I’d be interested in stats on this – Rox vs. other teams, over their history. Anyone? Anyone? 🙂

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