Helton on Intentional Talk

The boys at Intentional Talk had Todd Helton on to discuss, among other things, how close he was to calling it quits.  Helton said that he was close, with how old he was and with the hip issues, but he didn’t want to end his career on the DL.  He said he really wanted to go out on his own terms and hopes there is a little more baseball in him.

When asked what it would be like playing for Walt Weiss, he said that he was excited.  He praised Weiss for being, “a good man”, and said that he, “looked up to him as a player” and he knows that Weiss, if anything, will come prepared.

The discussion moved to his disappointment with the Broncos loss and how hard it was watching the game.  Helton said,

It was nerve-racking.  You are more nervous when you can’t control the outcome.  I’ve never gotten that nervous playing a baseball game because I have some control over the outcome.”

The boys wanted to know what Todd thought of Giambi throwing his hat into the ring.  They said he didn’t seem like a “manager” type, but Helton defended Giambi, saying:

From the outside you wouldn’t see a leader, but after spending the last few years with him – he knows the game, loves the game.  Every game he runs through what we could have done better.  I think he will make a fine manager someday.”

When asked what his toughest loss was, he pointed to the last game of the World Series, saying that he always felt they had a chance until the last out.

The episode will be rebroadcast at 5:00 MST on the MLB Network.

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8 years ago

“I’ll tell you, our fans, they were all-pros yesterday,” Manning said. “Sticking through that weather. Loud ’til the end. But no surprise. I always said that about playing here as an opponent, that Denver Bronco fans get it. We’re disappointed right there with them. -DP I don’t expect playoff fervor at every Rockies game, but the last couple of years when I have gone to games, the fans treated Coors more like a library than a ballpark. I wish more… Read more »

8 years ago
Reply to  Miketober

If they got “it” they’d realize what a joke Rox management is, demand change and, when it didn’t come, they’d stay home, thus depriving themselves of a wonderful day of sunshine, gossip, and doing the wave at the old ballpark.

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