How Serious is Plantar Fasciitis – Is Corey Dickerson in Trouble?

As if the stinker fest last night wasn’t enough, we found out post-game that Corey was pulled because of PF (come on, you have to abbreviate two words you can’t spell). The team says its mild, but I am curious when it started? Last week? It would explain a lot about his current struggles.




As it probably won’t surprise you, I had a serious case of PF 15 years ago (like Mr. Burns in one of the classic episodes of The Simpsons, Burns runs off every malady possible and he gets a yes to all, including hysterical pregnancy, to which the doctor responds, “A little bit, yes” – that is my story). I injured it in a weird way (jumping off a 4 foot stage and landing flat). Didn’t think anything of it. That was until I could not get my foot to stop feeling awful.


I went from physical therapy to walking boot to being totally off it for a month. It simply doesn’t get better (a lot like a broken bone in your foot, you are constantly stressing the parts of your foot, so the only thing you can do – be off of it for a long time). The rest helped but eventually I just learned to deal with it (and ran heavy mileage with it). It still hurts. It is hard to put your weight on that foot because the FP carries so much of the stress on your foot. I have passed 529 kidney stones (true fact, living Colorado patient with the most…my one claim to fame), and I can tell you that trying to run with FP made me nearly cry and have to just stop when running and hobble home to a walking cast. It hurts that bad.


I am honestly worried about CD. We all know that if there is to be a Rockies Renaissance, whether its 2015, 2016 or…. That Corey and Nolan are likely to be at the heart of that renewal. This is one of those weird injuries that can linger, effect performance, or even shorten a career.


Good news, some of the guys to suffer FP and still do okay:

Kobe Bryant

Tim Duncan

Joakim Noah

Pau Gasol

Albert Puljols (2013)

Clayton Kershaw (2012)

Evan Longoria

Antonio Gates


The more “mild” the condition, the quicker and fuller the recovery. When I had mine they said that surgery is an option, but a very bad and last option. I would not be surprised if we see CD hit the DL, put on the walking cast, and just rest for 10 days. If not, this could be something that keeps Corey from being Corey all year long.



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6 years ago

Dr. C, was the Simpsons episode the one that the doctor basically told him that all of his issues were perfectly keeping all of the others in perfect balance so he doesn’t die? That was so funny and one of my favorite… Thanks for this recap…i knew we’d be knocking on the injury door, just didn’t think it would be so soon. There was a, “best hitter in baseball you’ve never heard of” article on Dickerson a little bit ago… Read more »

6 years ago

Plantar is not uncommon among serious runners. Unfortunately, I think an all-to-common theme is that it lingers and ultimately takes quite a bit of down time to get 100% better.

Bob K.
Bob K.
6 years ago
Reply to  sdcarp

When I had plantar fascitis last year it took me a whole year to get over it. It is not a fun thing to have.

6 years ago

I remember plantar fasciitis basically putting the final nail in the NBA coffin of Mark Price, a really good (but aging at the time) point guard … didn’t it also get Ty Lawson? If so, that’s a good sign … even playing basketball I think he only missed 2 or 3 weeks.

Kimberly Evans
Kimberly Evans
6 years ago

That is very unfortunate he ad to be taken out the game for Plantar Fasciitis, maybe he was’nt prperly stretcing before practices? i dont know but if anyone here is dealing with it personally here is a site that will help wit dramatic results

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