Instead of hits it’s choreography

Walt Weiss’ maneuvering during last night’s ninth inning made for great theater. Too bad this is baseball. In short, when things like a 5-man infield “work” because the relief pitcher suddenly finds the strike zone where he couldn’t, it’s not the genius of the manager. Points for trying to do something, but it’s literally a no-win situation.

On the other side, when the game went to extras and Weiss brought in Flande, again the concept of illusion of choice is at work. Walt knows this is going to be a long weekend – with Hale going tonight – and frying everyone in the bullpen just aggravates an already bad situation. So he goes to Flande hoping for one inning, and six pitches later is terribly disappointed. Why Flande is here, for anything but mop-up duty, is beyond me.

Bob Brenly, who has no love lost for the Rockies, launched into a tirade last night about how bad the Rox are fundamentally and how they “always look confused”. It’s the Dana Carvey look of feigned amazement as that rock star that has just managed to hit a note.

Meanwhile, Jenny Cavnar’s “check for magnets down the baseline” quip may go down in history as a brilliant piece of color analysis. The Rox offense is gone, the bullpen is consistently inconsistent, and now even Coors Shield is vibrating.

To make matters worse, here comes that pitcher the Rox know little about – Patrick Corbin, back from TJ . The Rox go mostly right tonight, with the exception of Chuck Nazty. They sit CarGo, but he’s been better off Corbin than most of the lineup that is in. Rosario has touched Corbin for 1 HR.

Arizona Diamondbacks
CF A.J. Pollock (R)
LF David Peralta (L)
1B Paul Goldschmidt (R)
RF Yasmany Tomas (R)
3B Jake Lamb (L)
C J. Saltalamacchia (S)
2B Chris Owings (R)
SS Nick Ahmed (R)
P Patrick Corbin (L)

CF Charlie Blackmon (L)
2B DJ LeMahieu (R)
SS Troy Tulowitzki (R)
3B Nolan Arenado (R)
1B Wilin Rosario (R)
LF Drew Stubbs (R)
C Nick Hundley (R)
RF Brandon Barnes (R)
P David Hale (R)


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5 years ago

The headline explains all I need to know about the Rockies.

5 years ago

Nice! Very accurate. I do think there’s some truth to “some” of Walt’s bad BP management being attributed to knowing the next day’s SP. The Rox fairly routinely piece together a serviceable Pen – but the yearly parade of AA level SPers in major league uniforms result in a worn down Pen by mid-season. We’ve seen this before, haven’t we?

5 years ago
Reply to  sdcarp

I think my choice of words here might be slightly off – I think we routinely put together a serviceable Pen on a budget, meaning it’s got a few warts. This year, that means two old guys (Betty and Hawk), a former Closer that can be wild (Ax), a LOGY that we overpaid for even though he’s got a bum elbow……etc. If we had starters that could routinely go 6-7 innings, we could hide the warts. But we don’t. I’m… Read more »

5 years ago

I’m a little curious as to why we haven’t seen John Lannen yet. I get that it’s going to take awhile to coach down Jon Gray’s massive talent into a “pitch to contact” major league #4 type starter [1]. But Lannan is already bad. He’s already a pitch to contact guy (look at his WHIP). He’s ready to the Rockies Show.

Footnote #1 – all snark intended

5 years ago

For you guys with Twitter:

Shot across the bow from Tulo. I love it!

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