Is MLB Network Reading Roxwalkoff? Finally a Big Shout-out to the Rox

Been hammering on MLB Network for a long-time. Even today. But here-here to finally discussing the Rox seriously on MLB Tonight

Eric Burns was totally pumping up Mr. Arenado. Top 5 in the game? Not sure I would say that, but depending on how you calculate WAR, maybe.

Brian Kenney even asked if this is the best line-up in baseball. Joe McGrane when asked that question simply said that he has to see them stay on the field

Mentioned the impact of altitude on players staying healthy (Tulo sleeping in the hyperbaric chamber).

Eric Burns when asked if the team is for real said wait and see, got off to a hot start last year and weren’t for real (how Burns can say that when forgetting that the Rox decline began with the injury to Nolan).

Oh, and Kenny said the defence and offense are thumbs up, its all up to the rotation. That sounds just about right. But I wonder when Grey finally makes his MLB debut, do you think they will do the whole minute-by-minute update on Grey? Goodness, I hope not.


Anyways, maybe they read the blog. Regardless, here is a big Thank You from this fan of the Rockies

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6 years ago

A couple more losses to the Dodgers and they’ll say-“Told you so” and once again forget Denver till Bronco season.

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