Is this a Lyles Illusion?

Most of the folks here know that I am a big Jordan Lyles fan. I have said that in 2012 Houston wouldn’t have even received a call from Coors offering Dex for him.  Granted the 5+ ERA the last two years changed that a lot. To be honest, even given that  I was shocked that we got this year without eating a lot of Dex’s salary (and got Barnes as well).

We still may see some regression – he is pitching so very well though offense around the league is down, so maybe he is not going to regress. Regardless, its been a fun first 5 weeks.


Our old friend Tracy Ringolsby has a great story on Lyles on mlb today, and its worth your read. We may see Jordan get even better as he trusts this defense more and more and the offense gives him the wiggle room to challenge hitters. Sure glad we have him – with the injuries and poor performance the first 3 weeks by DLR…where would this team be without him? Keep it up Jordan! Classsy young kid. I would probably have trashed the Houston organization that left him playing with a  AA or AAA team. Good kid, good pitcher….great season so far!

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7 years ago

Thanks for the link. I think it’s a generally favorable, realistic article.

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