Jamie Moyer Front Page of MSNBC

One of the perks of picking up a player like Moyer is all of the national attention the team will get.  One would figure the major news outlets would start to focus on him after the season started, perhaps during his first start.  Or maybe as he got closer to 50.  But the spotlight turned on quite a bit early as MSNBC.COM featured Moyer on their home page today between the news about the new iPad 3 and the Presidential race.  Those are quite the bookends since both of them are major news stories with one just having launched while the other just finished up one of the biggest days in the election cycle.  But front and center was Moyer, clad in black and purple, throwing his patented 75 mph fast ball.

The article covered a lot of Moyer history, with his drafting/releasing by the Cubs, World Series with the Phillies and signing by the Rockies.  After how well he pitched today, here’s hoping this isn’t the end of his mainstream media attention.

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