Johnny Sparkplug and the Silent Bunch

Jonathan Herrera did his part. He was 2-4 with a perfectly executed bunt that turned into a double to being the game and a clutch single to lead off the ninth. If only the other eight swung like the sparkplug then they might have walked away with a win.

The only other hit of the night belonged to CarGo, an RBI triple (the only run of the night) off the deepest part of the park, almost exactly where he and Dex collided the previous inning. Ryan Zimmerman crushed what looked like a home run in the top of the sixth and both CarGo and Dex took off to try and make the Sportscenter Top 10. Cargo noticed at the last second and ducked as Dex Bo Jackson’d up the wall and almost over Cargo, just missing the catch. They both looked a little shook-up and Dex kept flexing his hand, but they both stayed in the game.

De La Rosa, a game-time decision due to a cut on his middle pitching finger, kept getting himself into deep counts. He seemed to be struggling and his line was a bit un-DLR-like: 5.1 IP, 4 H, 3 ER, 3 BB, 5 K’s. All of that took 96 pitches. Both Ottavino and Volstadt gave up a run.

The Rockies lost 5-1, not so much because the pitching was bad, but because the hitting was so much worse. Only three hits and two walks does not a winning effort make. Thankfully, Johnny and luck kept this thing from being a shutout and possible no-hitter.


  • The Root team was especially horrible tonight with interview after interview. The only interesting one was a chat with Rockies first round draft pick Jonathan Gray. Gray, a triple-digit fastball machine who the team got third overall, signed today for “only” $4.8 million. It was considered “under slot” because he was valued and expected to go closer to $5,626,400 million. Perhaps his positive test for Adderall had something to do with the favorable terms.
  • EYj was DFA’d before the game to make room for Volstadt. Our collective condolences go out to RWO regular Pooter. EYj, always a class act and one of the hardest working players in the game, just couldn’t find his swing and his OBP suffered because of it. He tweeted a message to the Rockies fans that said, “Best wishes to the Rockies organization. Thank you for my time with you. Truly a blessing to be with the city of Denver. Thank you all for the support. Love you all. Always have faith in the man upstairs and in yourselves. #blessings Phil 4:13.”
  • Nolan Arenado continues to put on a clinic in fielding. Most Rockies faithful would say that watching Tulo in the field is one of the highlights of game night, but Nolan is showing that Tulo isn’t the only ticket in town. He make an excellent throw from outside the lines at third and a perfect 360 degree pirouette/throw later in the night.
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8 years ago

I missed about 90% of this game … obviously I didn’t miss much. EYJ, nicely done, kind of the anti-Ian Stewart. Good luck to you, buddy.

8 years ago

Anyone else notice that whenever the Rockies make a move that is supposedly going to improve the club’s chances, ie cut Chris Nelson, Reid Brignac, EYJ…even back to past years in guys like Jose Lopez or even on the opposite call up successful youngsters like Arenado and last year Josh Rutledge the veterans on the team decline?

Colorado Thistle
Colorado Thistle
8 years ago

Maybe it’s just a perception, but when they let someone go like EY Jr., the club seems to put in a performance like last night’s: listless. I think he was a really good clubhouse guy, which shows why he hung on as long as he did despite being marginal at best.

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