Latest Anti-Rockies Outrage – Best Double-play Combos?

While of all us are still in the “wait and see” on this ballclub’s ultimate performance, I think we can all agree that one thing we know, one thing we feel confident about is the defence of Tulo and DJ.

So when Baseball Tonight on the MLB network got the question:

Who is the best double-play combo in baseball today?

and they are asking two former 2B – Ripken and Reynolds, you figure to get a good response.

But the response?

Ripken – the DODGERS!!!! that is Rollins and Kendrick, who are both new to the teams, and have only worked together for a week of live action. This is the same Rollins who is 36, and who hasn’t been a GG candidate for a while. Kendrick is a good defensive player, but not anywhere near GG level last year. The DODGERS!!!! Are you kidding me?

So it falls to Harold Reynolds, who I really like, and he says – THE GIANTS!!!!!  Look Crawford may well win a GG at some point (though he still lets easy plays get him at times) and Panick who is still a rookie I believe. Look, do I think they are good? Yes, but best in baseball? How not even best in their defence?

They had their minds on the NL West, so its not like they were not thinking in the right part of baseball. But I mean, really, are these two groups even near as good as Tulo and DJ?  Both players have amazingly strong arms.  Both are GG fielders. Both stay in on hard slides but also know how to position to avoid getting hurt. In other words…..


Look I know that Colorado is fly-over country. But they did just play the Giants. And the Cubs before that. I mean, how do you skip that combo with 2 tries?  And the Dodgers? Really????

It is not as bad as when ESPN forgot them in their Power Rankings and never thought, “hey are their more than 29 teams?” but this is a pretty good insult.  I want the Rox to be playing meaningful baseball in September just so those “analysts” in New York can remember how good some of these guys are! Tulo was their Top 1 SS in the game when they gave the list in March and while DJ didn’t make the list it wasn’t his glove that was the issue. Heck he already has been featured twice for highlight plays at the end of the night.


Maybe we should change our name to the L.A Colorado Rockies and they would give the guys at 20th and Blake some love.

Am I wrong on this?

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6 years ago

For a little bit, I thought you were playing an April Fool’s joke. I bet if we put them on the game trivia show and ask who won the NL Gold Glove at 2B? The majority of the time, if not all the time, will have buzzers going off for wrong answers.

Wow, doesn’t “double play combo” mean you look at their gloves only and not their bats? Another WOW.

6 years ago

The MLB TV network is exceedingly disappointing. They have their favorite teams, and that’s who they mostly talk about and promote–Red Sox, Pirates, (they gush over those two DAILY), Cubs, Orioles, and the west coast teams except the Angels. I doubt they even know who the Rockies second baseman is. I don’t know if MLB has anything to do with MLB TV, but if they do, they need to tell MLB TV there are 30 teams not seven or eight.… Read more »

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