Losing the game in the 1st

There’s a saying called “wearing it”, where a player takes responsibility for a major gaffe. Helton was the best at it. He’d lay the accountability at his own locker, even if he had help, just to keep the heat off others in the locker room.

At least DLR understands. He wore last night’s 1st inning, and I quote: “We lost the game right there.” Enough said. There was plenty of TOOTBLANing and RISPing to go around. We and others have been pointing out the hole-digging as a major problem with the starting rotation for weeks.

There were times where Helton’s wearing it didn’t make a lot of difference, except maybe make us feel better. At this point, wearing it changes absolutely nothing. And just when you think help might be on the way, Bridich is backpedaling on Jon Gray. He needs more consistency. Not ready.

Gray is starting Sunday – in Albuquerque.

Eddie Butler may be the starter in San Diego on Sunday. And he may also be the most gullible guy in the Rockies dugout, after this quote: “They were talking to me about wanting me back up here to make a push for the playoffs.”

Playoffs? PLAYOFFS? Don’t talk about playoffs! Are you kidding me? Playoffs? I’m just hoping we can win a game, another game!

Yep. If we don’t dig another hole in the 1st inning, maybe. At least it’s Bettis.

San Diego Padres
3B Yangervis Solarte (S)
1B Yonder Alonso (L)
RF Matt Kemp (R)
LF Justin Upton (R)
2B Jedd Gyorko (R)
CF Will Venable (L)
SS Clint Barmes (R)
C Austin Hedges (R)
P Tyson Ross (R)

CF Charlie Blackmon (L)
2B DJ LeMahieu (R)
SS Troy Tulowitzki (R)
RF Carlos Gonzalez (L)
3B Nolan Arenado (R)
1B Ben Paulsen (L)
C Nick Hundley (R)
LF Brandon Barnes (R)
P Chad Bettis (R)


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6 years ago

Another baserunning blunder! At first I thought it was Stu Cole’s fault for not sending Blackmon but Charlies got a lousy jump and probably would have been out by 15 feet. And the Rockies would have had the bases loaded, nobody up and Cargo and Arenado coming up. But DJ’s an All-Star so he’s still in a dream-like state. When is somebody going to pay for this kind of baseball. They look like the 62 Mets.

6 years ago
Reply to  DonnyDinger

and Casey Stengel falling asleep on the bench during games and imploring:can’t anyone here play this game?

6 years ago

Why walk Melvin Upton Jr? Why? The dude has 5 RBIs for the whole freakin season. He has an OBP of something like 280. Groove three pitches right down the middle. He’ll probably miss them.

6 years ago

We deserve that.

6 years ago

Yep, we had that one coming. Amazing how the Padres can’t hit HRs at home against anyone else’s pitching staff.

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