Loss Equal Last Day’s of Lopez?

It’s almost like Escalona and Lopez are competing for the most frustrating arm in the Rockies ‘pen. Wednesday nights potential loss hinged on Escalona coming into a 2-0 game, replacing De La Rosa in the 7th, and proceeded to load the bases without recording an out. Thankfully Weiss pulled him before the damage was done, relying on Outman and Lopez to clean up the mess.

Thursday night Lopez not only started the mess, he blew the game wide open and not in a good way.

It was a tale of two games with the first game going to the seventh, Nicasio actually pitching incredibly well. His control was excellent as he took the game through seven innings, only giving up two hits, no runs, while striking out nine.

With the game scoreless, Mother Nature decided to kick it up a notch. It started with some sprinkling, then some heavy wind and finally the rain was announced by a loud thunder clap. Both teams left as the tarp came out and 93 minutes later the weather and Lopez would be blamed for a kick-in-the-zipper loss. The weather because Nicasio was on such an amazing roll that he might have been able to come into the 8th and continue the domination.

Lopez, on the other hand, because his meltdown completely cost the team the game.

After the weather break Ottavino pitched a rocky 8th and paired up with Rosario for a sloppy pitch/catch combo that broke the 0-0 tie, allowing a run to score from 3rd when Wilin tried to backhand a pitch that clearly called for anything but.

Being down 1-0 is daunting enough for this team that has given the bats the summer off, but couple that together with an armageddon like 9th, thanks to Lopez, and any thought of a rally quickly became fantasy. Two doubles, a single and a home run later and the Rockies are down 5-0.

They did finally put together a few good hits and three runs, but it was too little too late. Will the team finally recognize that Lopez is anything but camera ready? Hopefully something will give soon because it is hard enough digging yourself out of a one run game, let alone a five spot.

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8 years ago

Pomeranz to the DL with “biceps soreness.” Not sure if this is a “he’s pitching like crap because he’s hurting” thing, or a “even if he isn’t hurt he’s sure pitching like he is” situation. Collin McHugh, Mets former 5th starter type, will take his place and will be an improvement. By the way, I totally agree with Doc’s comment in the other thread that Helton will be coming back. He’s been very careful not to say he’s retiring, and… Read more »

8 years ago

Turn off your TV’s, save your money, and head down to your local Little League ball field. That’s where REAL baseball is being played.

Bat Cat
Bat Cat
8 years ago

If Troy Renck is engaging in gallows humor, we should abandon all hope.

@JWerthsBeard: your dog looks so sad Mr. Troy 🙁

@TroyRenck: He heard Wilton Lopez was coming in from the bullpen

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